Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today my gorgeous boy turns 8!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY AMAZING LITTLE MAN!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH ...I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!!!!here are some pics from the pressie opening this morning..... tell him to show mum and you get an automatic pose now funny....lazytown dvd from the girls!!!
followed by a cars megablocks set from mum and dad......hours of fun ahead there for sure!!!
the next thrill was a parcel in the mail from Aunty shelly, uncle graeme, bronte and cooper!!! he was so excited about it!!!
as you can tell by the huge smile!!! loves the books and things ..thanks so much!!! "mwah"
of course as soon as the opening was over lazytown had to go straight on and other then to see a message on the computer from aunty kate he hasn't moved...hehehehehe.....gotta love lazytown!!!!

we are having a pirate party tommorrow so i will add some pics for you then as well......enjoy your day ..i know we will!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

almost done!!

well yet another Cybercrop is nearly over...i have extended the deadline on the challenges to midnight wednesday due to some family issues so if you havent had a chance to check things out yet then get on over there and have some fun..... ....

Sunday, August 24, 2008


today my girls at my class flew through their pages so we did an awesome blind challenge designed by Peta......i thought i would show you what the girls came up with.... ALANA

a blind challenge is such an awesome way to scrap!!! Peta is running a blind challenge from her blog on thursday the 28th at 11am and friday the 29th at 8pm...they are so much fun so check out her blog for all the info and details.....peta's blog....if you want to join in on this one you will need to register with her by lunch time wednesday please!!! so hurry up get on over there and sign up!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the rockin had begun!!!

the "music and movies" cyber crop has begun so check it out here and have some groovy fun with us...don't forget your popcorn!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


till the " music and movies" cyber crop begins....check it out here

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sandy's blog!!!

hey there ....sandy has just set up her own blog so check it ...for those of you who don't know sandy ..apart from being a wonderful friend of mine...something i am very honoured to say, she is an amazing organiser and is starting up her own organising if you need some order in your life check her blog out for will have both scrapping and organising stuff on it... it is awesome..
sandy honey...i am sure you will have heaps of fun with it...good luck with your new business too!!!

more of jules b-day by sandy

Hi I just thought i would add some of the pics i took at Jules slumber party

Monday, August 18, 2008

CC time!!

our " MUSIC AND MOVIES" CC starts on thursday 21st of August and goes through until midnight monday the 25th... so don't forget to head on over and check things out...a little bit of info is up for you now.....

for any new people the cybercrop is lots of fun...check things out is simple to join in the fun just use the challenge criteria to create some great layouts...take a photo of it when you are finished and email it to me...i will add it to the blog and at the end of the weekend each challenge will be judged and prizes is sooooooooo much come on join in the fun!!!!

Slumber time!!!

yet another birthday has been and gone....this year we decided to celebrate it by having a slumber party...the boys of the house went to nan and poppy's for the night
and us girls hung out here with lots of junk food and some movies...i must admit though that more chatting was done than actual movies watching... we didn't go to bed until 2AM which is something i haven't done in ages...( practising for Peta's retreat, hahahha) was great!!!! i want to thank the girls for giving me such a wonderful, happy birthday.....for those who were caught up with other things , we missed you and maybe next time!!! here's a few piccies from the start of the night......

Kaytlin, Chantelle,Ebony and Sandy......

Billie-jo and Jody

my Mum and Me!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

my olympian!!!!

the kids had a mini olympics at school today and I am extremely proud of my non athletic girl for giving everything at the olympics today such a good strong go!!!
first up we have first freestyle or forwards...don't you just love the facial expression..hahahaha... the teacher on this event kept reminding the kids to breathe in the water...looks to me like she is holding her breath but shes close i guess....hahahaha

and then we have backstroke!!!

followed by equestrian...i just love the horses...these are the only kind you would ever get chantelle near, thats for sure....she had a great time!! it was an awesome way to spend my day......

my olympic man!!!

here is a few photos of Ethan from todays olympics at was so much fun..the kids had a ball....first up we have ethan competing in the javelin...

and the equestrian...aren't the horses soooooo cute!!! hahaha

now this is ethan's version of a well run race...first we run as fast as we can then at about half way.....

stop give a huge cheer like we have just won and wait for everyone to run back past us....hahaha...very funny at the time....or maybe it is just me....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CC time!!

well our next CC is fast approaching so i have announced the theme on the CC blog to get you thinking.....and i will add some clues to the actual challenges closer to the CC start......hope you will all be able to make it!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sunday workshops

so here are the pages for the sunday workshops for august!!! we are using the "enchanted" range from Kaszazz....i really love how they have come together...the first page is from ethans 7th birthday last is untitled as of yet as silly me can't make a decision on one!!! will be either stamping or using chippy for your titles.......

the following layouts are for my brother Graeme, celebrating his black belt presentation...the first of the two is also untitled as i have to check some info from graeme before finishing it off....the title goes onto the flower petals...i have brought small alpha stickers for you to do this of course you can do some stamping if you wish!!!
the third layout "the loyal retainer" is of a demonstration performed by graeme at his presentation was soosoooooo cool!! not that i am bias or anything..hahahahhahahaha. anyway i hope these photos help you all with your photo selections...if you have any questions just drop me an email....the photo sizes are listed in the class info at the side of the blog......

the packs this month have some really nice leftovers in them for you to use on other we can either do a blind challenge (you will need a landscape photo either 6x4 or 5x7 if we do this challenge) or some cards when we are finished the pages if we have time....we will work that out on the day.....

can't wait to see you all this month.....i still have spots available for the sunday the 24th class so if you would like to come along but you haven't booked in please do so by friday as i will be ordering the products then......