Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it's jingle bell time!

yep that's right it's cybercrop time at Wicked Princesses this weekend so head on over and check out all the christmas in july fun...i promise you won't want to miss it.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my crazy lot!

just a little photo share from my nephew Vincent's 21st last weekend.... Vincent and his gorgeous girlfriend Mary...aren't they gorgeous!! little miss ebony in her new dress...she is so in love with this outfit...LOL...

the whole crew ready to go party!!!
a DJ in the making?.... what do you think girls?? PMSL!!! he thought he was so cool!! ethan and mary....ethan has a huge soft spot for mary ...hehehehe
don't faint girls yes that's a photo of ME and ethan....yes i know your in shock that i actually put a photo of me on the blog but i thought it was about time...and i liked how tis one turned out....we took it of oursleves too! then ethan helped me go around taking photos of everyone...he took some good ones too....all while charming the girls...the little flirt....god help me when he gets older...hehehehe...

Monday, July 19, 2010

some flower child to share!

better late than never i are my pages for june using Bo Bunny's flower child range....these were all class pages or challenge pages.... this first page was for a june sketch challenge at Wicked Princesses....check the monthly sketches and other challenges out sometime won't regret it... they are always fantastic!!!
this page of chantelle was a class page where i used a tutorial by Juliana michaels(her blog is 17 turtles) to create the flower using a scallop circle punch!..i love it...the flower is so easy to make and looks Fabbo!!! thanks so much to juliana for sharing this little trick with us!!

another class layout of the kids with krissy...sorry for the awful pic...don't know what happened with it??? i love this pic...ebony's eyes are so huge cause she is so is such a crack up!! LOL......

this quick layout was again using one of the fantastic wicked Princesses monthly sketches...this is my gorgeous great niece doesn't that make me feel old!!!!...boohoo.....
another quickie...whoops that sounds wrong?....anyway this is my hunky nephew danny and his fiancee sarah......
woohoo yet another wicked sketch.....i just love them can you tell...LOL....this is a rare pic of chantelle and ethan just mucking around....gotta take the peacful times when they come along...hehehehe
i am REALLY happy with this layout...this was done for Kate's cover to cover challenge at Wicked....she gave us a gorgeous butterfly ball cover to draw inspiration from and this is what i came up with...i love this pic of ebony and her aunty Roma....eb adores Roma so this is a nice one for her to have....i just had to use flowers for my flower junkie...
whatever your doing today have fun
thanks for stopping by

gotta love petal pushers!

here are my july class pages and my challenges so far for the month as well....i have used the new Bo Bunny range Petal Pushers....the photos are all either from my retreat or chantelle's 5th birthday, fancy dress party..... this first page of ebony was for a july sketch at Wicked Princesses.... each month krissy posts a new sketch each monday to help us get the mojo flowing....they are really should check them out!!! this really quick and simple double is of krissy and i at my retreat earlier this year trying to take some pics...but let's face it laughing is just more fun!! hehehehe....

ebony again ...this time getting her arm painted with some beautiful flowers ....there was no way she was getting her face painted so we did her arm...but as you can tell she still wasn't real sure about it thank you very much!! LOL.....

this layout is krissy cracking up while trying to teach us mad lot how to make blossom branches at my retreat....i love clusters but i am so thinking i am not that good at it!!!...sorry about the dodgy pic too...i had major issues with glare yesterday then i just realised the pic is crooked...god i am having a shocker!!! hehehehe....

my gorgeous family trying for a family pic....we got their eventually thanks to peta's patience...she took the gorgeous pics...thanks is still my fav family pic!
for these gorgeous pics of chantelle i have used another of Wicked Princesses monthly sketches for july....really happy with this one too!! just love these pics of chantelle.....
thank for stopping bye ...xx

aussie scrap talent prize draw....

for the draw i just put each family( i thought that might be the fairest way to do it) into the draw and drew out two names...i will send out a scrappy prize pack to the 2 winners and you can share it all amongst yourselves.....sound ok????

oh i guess you want to know the winners hey....LOL....oh ok if you insist!!!

1.Gemilla...woohoo way to go girl!!!

2. the piper family....woohoo way to go sam, charlotte and natalie!!

congrats to you both....i'll post your packs off this week...i hope you enjoy them!!

thanks again to everyone for embracing the comp and having so much

the ebony's do it again!!

woohoo congrats girls you've done it again!!!.....ebony with her "ebony loves swimming" has won the holiday challenge for the juniors......
and Ebony A has won for the seniors......way to go girls.....they are awesome pages...stalk the postie for a little pressie coming your way.!!!! well thats all the challenge's for our australia's got scrappy talent comp...i hope everyone had a great time......i know i had a ball organising it all for you...thanks so much for joining in the fun!!
if everyone is interested i'll do it again for the next school holidays??...i'll give everyone a shout out just before the hols and see if you'd like me to do it again!
a HUGE thank you to KATE for being a fantastic judge....thank you so much for your valuable time....xxxxx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Holiday challenge

the final challenge is all done and here are the gorgeous pages for you to check out first up we have this beautiful entry from Ebony...i just love the colours you've used honey....i love those kaiser papers...and i hear that you used a sketch for inspiration...great idea!!!!..just an awesome layout!!! well done....
next up we have maddison at dreamworld with spongebob and patrick...just gorgeous your button's great to see you using your prize pack too!! well done honey....

chantelle has used a krissy sketch for inspiration to get her started with her "surf's up dudes" layout...just gorgeous honey!..i love bright papers and the way you used the did a great job!
this snazzy layout is by ebony.....ebony came up with all the ideas for this layout herself and did all the cutting and sticking down except for the circle which i already had cut out amoungst my scraps....fantastic job even got most of the pritt on the buttons this time instead of on you....LOL.....way to go!!!!
well thats it for our little comp....i will be pack soon to post winners for this challenge and for the major prize draw packs! good luck

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sisters are kickin' it'!!

Sisters Rebecca and Shannon are our winners for the black, white plus one challenge...way to go girls!!!! we love your clusters and well just everything about your pages....i will post off some little prizes for you both tommorrow...congrats girls a very deserved win!! xx

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

one final challenge!

ok so i was going to stop but my girls reminded me that they are still on holidays thanks very much so one more please mum....well ok so they blasted me for stopping when the hols weren't over here's one more challenge for any one who is interested......

the HOLIDAY challenge: ok so for this one scrap a holiday pic.. and include the following on your layout......buttons, journalling, brads and at least 2 different patterned papers!...sound good ???

have fun creating and don't forget to email them to me ( i am going to give you a little longer seem it is the last one and i am posting it late) by 9pm sunday night....i will post all the entries then and do the final prize draw as well.....

just one more!

here is another gorgeous layout from the very talented ebony....i love your flower cluster around your title!!'s gorgeous honey...well done....thanks so much for joining in the fun!!!


during this comp i have been staggered at the gorgeous pages coming through from all our very talented munchkins and let me tell you these pages are definately no exception!! they are totally stunning..... first up we have another gorgeous page from Maddison...well done the shimmery purple background and your button flower looks awesome!!
next we have a gorgeous page titled "Cousins" from Rebecca (6)....this is just beautiful honey...i love the embellishments you have done your clustering with....just beautiful!! ...well done honey...

now we have Shannon (13) with her gorgeous page "together"...what can i say honey except that it is absolutely stunning!! i LOVE it...i love your flower cluster at the top with the gorgeous butterfly...just beautiful....great job honey....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the Ebony's have it!

our winners for the someone special challenge are........

Ebony with her "my daddy and me" page..kate loved her colours, PP's and her cute photo....way to go my baby girl!!! so happy for you honey...hugs!
and Ebony A with her "grandad and me" page took out the seniors prize.....way to go ebony...your on a roll honey!! lovely page well done!
the black, white and one other colour challenge is due by 9pm tommorrow night and it will be our last get into it kids...i will draw the winner of the major prize pack thursday afternoon...everyone who has placed an entry in the comp will go in that draw....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

someone special!

here are our entries for the someone special challenge.....first up we have a gorgeous layout from Maddison of herself with her mum and sister......i love the really pretty colours've made yet another beautiful all look like your having a great snuggle......well done!
this layout was created by chantelle of her mum.(me..LOL) and her grandma....i love that you took the time to do some fussy cutting honey and even gave the cuttlebug a go for your scollop thought this one through...way to go!! oh and yes we definately love you so! xxxx

last but definately not least is "my daddy and me" by ebony.....eb got a little creative this time....she used the cuttlebug to cut her scolloped edge..then fussy cut a bird, a deer and some flowers then mounted them on her circle...she used a rainbow sticker then to finish off she mounted her ribbon across her page......well done honey...i love that you came up with all the ideas yourself including fussy cutting....way to go cutie!!!
i will post the winner announcement in the sorry i am running behind with this one....i have been sick so haven't been able to get on the computer

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just one more colour!

hey there everyone....any one ready for another challenge???? there are only two more to go for this comp...then we'll have the draw for the major prize pack........ok so let's not get side tracked and get crakin' onto the next challenge....this one is a colour challenge,......i would like you to use black, white and one other colour of your choice to create a scrap page...easy peasy....if you want too you can use the sketch from pagemaps as a guide to get you started or you can go with your own ideas...just have fun with it!!!

for some silly reason i am having trouble uploading from my photo i will post the entries for the last challenge tommorrow and announce the winners..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Family Affair

our gorgeous judge Kate has made her decisions and again it was very hard with so many wonderful creations to choose from........but the brother and sister combo of Jarrah and Ebony with their beados box and M&M's tin have taken out the prizes for challenge 3......look for a little pressie from me in the mail soon chickies!!!.....

a huge congrats to you both....i LOVED your ideas and they both looked fantastic..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what's next???

i'll tell you what's next.....i would like you to scrap a page about someone very important to could be your mum, your dad, your grand parents, a best friend...anyone who is very special to you and tell us why they are special to you....also include the following on your page...a journal tag/card, at least one circle and a scalloped edge.....

but most of all i want you to have FUN!!!!!!!!!! all entries for this challenge are due by 9pm saturday night....

the mojo just keeps flowing

check these out....the mojo is really flowing at the moment it seems...... first up we have this gorgeous album from Stephanie (12)...she has redecorated her scrap album to in her own words "make it new and very pink" is a great idea honey and it looks fantastic....well done!!
next we have a wonderful creation from Shannon (13)...she has turned a shoe box into a gorgeous memories it honey....the soft colour tones are beautiful!! awesome work honey!! glad you both had fun girls...hope you make it back for more challenges....

woohoo Gemilla is back!!! this time gemilla has created a gorgeous cover for her's awesome the glitz work and the alpha's really cool!

My Crew

finally got to do their recycling challenge things this morning.....they had a lot of fun and here they are...... Ebony decorated an old pizza box i had saved from a scrap order and decided to use it for papers.....she attached a PP then as you can see used my flower stash!!! "note to self don't turn your back on your krissy flowers stash for even two seconds with eb around".....she had loads of fun as you can tell!!! LOL....very girly honey....just beautiful.... chantelle decorated a little box and transformed it into a treasure box...her journal tag in the middle has listed the sorts of things she wants to use the box for...she is already using it for some stickers.....beautiful the PP you bright and colourful....well done!!!

next up is ethan's photo box! he also used an old pizza box from a scrap order...he decorated it with PP, stickers for a title, a photo and then mounted some diecuts down near his photo....the photo doesn't show them up very well but they are there!!...totally awesome honey..very groovy glad you had a go...this will be great for your photos....(maybe you'll stay out of mine now!!!hehehehehe)
if you haven't done your recycling challenge yet kids then get still have time so get creating....all entries are due by 9pm tonight!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More, more, more

When such awesome creative ideas like these are coming my way i just want MORE!!!!!!!!!!! check these amazing ideas out....... first up we have an entry from Jarrah...i just love this idea...i would never have thought of it in a million years!...Jarrah has turned a microwave popcorn box into a fabbo container for his beado creations.....he has cleverly used paint, paper scraps and punches shapes to decorate the is just terrific!!!
ebony has also come up with a very clever idea and covered an empty quick tin with gorgeous papers and flowers to create an M&M's tin that even her little 3yr old sis can't get into...hehehehe...i hear that is a big bonus!!! LOL..... i love that you used the M&M symbol from an empty packet to create your label...more recycling...really is fantastic honey!
the ideas coming through so far are just amazing...keep them coming everyone!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Up First

for challenge 3, our recycling challenge we have a gorgeous entry from Maddison... how beautiful is this looking ......i think it's fantastic honey ..i lOVE the colours you chose...great job!!

keep the entries coming kids....don't forget you have until 9pm wednesday night to get them emailed to me

Saturday, July 3, 2010

here comes challenge 2....

these two gorgeous layouts are both our entries and our winners for challenge 2.....a huge congratulations to Maddison and Gemilla...some scrap goodies are in the post to you on monday!!! woohoo!!! check these out..... maddison created a gorgeous layout beautifully using all the elements i asked for....way to go is beautiful!! so what song are you singing????

Gemilla you gorgeous girl...i just LOVE this layout! everything from the smiley flower ribbon to the flowers and leaves , right down to the bling baby!!! just absolutely go girl!!!

can't wait to see what you both do with the next challenge.....