Friday, January 30, 2009

we are back!!!!

we are back from our little holiday at crescent head and it was awesome...the trip had to be cut a little short but we had an amazing time!! we made the most of it for was so nice to have some family time under happy circumstances and just relax!! i have posted a heap of photos of each of the kids that will probably bore you all to death but i just had to will see them all scrapped very soon...i even collected shells..with the help of my HUBBY (shock!!!) who sat on the waters edge with me for ages going through the sand for these gorgeous tiny shells i wanted...gotta love him at the moment..hahaha.... which i am going to incorporate on a layout design i have sketched.....cant wait to get the photos printed off now!!
looks like the mojo is on it's way back....i also managed to fit in a bit of reading finishing off one that i was about a quarter of the way into and completely reading two others...woohoo three more completed!!!
ok i'll stop raving on now and chat to you all soon...the photos are in the posts below if you are wanting to check them out!

ebbie the beach babe!

ebbie is a real beach babe in the making.... loves everything about it all
gave out as good as she got

she loved both the creek and ............

the use her words...she loved "getting smashed" out in the waves with daddy who was trying to teach her to hold her breath and close her eyes to go through the waves...which she did but she would open them just as the wave hit!!! hahahaha.....

chantelle's favourite beach!

chantelle absolutely loved crescent head and because we call it grandpas favourite beach she now wants us to call it chantelle and grandpas favourite beach..... she loved the creek as she wasn't a big fan of the surf...
but the edge of it getting splashed by daddy was lots of fun!

just pretending to swim in the creek at low low to do anything else !!

ethie man!

ethie loved kicking back in the camper and listening to music...he was such a crack up!
showing off some shells he found for our castles

he loved buliding castles and digging in the sand

Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'm outta here!

we are off camping today so i just wanted to check in with everyone before we go...have an awesome week everyone and i'll be full of chat when we get back for sure...hahahha.....i have a little challenge for you all while i am away....go over to Liz's sketch site " a page from my sketchbook" the link is below and scrap one of her sketches....send it to me as well as liz...the details would be on her blog and i will give everyone who joins in the fun a RAK......come on i'd love to come home to loads of layouts waiting for me!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

read while i'm alive

sleep when i'm dead...sound a bit weird???? hahaha...our new book club blog is off and running so head on over and check it

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


a gorgeous friend, Liz Weber, some of you would know Liz from over at scrapboutique, has started up her own sketch blog and here are the details for you so you can check things out...Liz's sketches are always amazing so check this out!!!!! Liz is also running a monthly comp.....

A Page From My Sketchbook
Sketches by Liz Weber with many gorgeous layouts from my team.
New sketches are loaded on the 7th of each month.
Layouts from you are due by the 6th of each month.
Please come along and join in the fun to be in the running of 1 of 2 prizes each month.

Monday, January 19, 2009

kaszazz cards

yesterday i went to a kaszazz training day and it was AWESOME!!! we had a great day and got to play with some of the new products released today.....we made four cards using some of the awesome new stamps and watercolour crayons...i had so much fun trying them out...they are great...we will be using them in future classes for sure.................

had to show you a close up of this one cause this stamp just comes up so well!!! it is so cute!!!!!!!!!

i love this little chicky too...she is so cute and comes in a few stamps doing different things...... all in all a great day...a huge thanks goes out to RUTH for such a wonderful training day...i am never going to miss one again they are just too good!!!

mamma mia blog

the mamma mia blog has been updated with some details of our fast approaching weekend of abbalicious fun!!! it really is going to be awesome..there are a few places left so if you havent booked in yet please do so ASAP.....also remember that those attending the whole weekend who pay in full by the end of the month will receive a bonus goodie pack on arrival.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

book club

i have really been getting into reading again lately has been a wonderful distraction for me...i think thats the right way of putting it...anyway i am wondering if anyone out there is interested in starting up a bit of a book club with me???? i thought it might be a good way to reconnect and form friendships...anyway we would take it in turns to choose a book each month that we need to read then get together over a cuppa/coke and some munchies and have some girly time to chat about it or whatever else pops up...hahahah.....even if you aren't local you can still join in cause we can chat on msn and/or email with you... i also thought i would turn the old challenge blog into our book club's blog ( we need a groovy name please???) and post the books to read on it and some of our opinions each month to keep any out of towners or those who couldn't make it that month up to how about it??? what do you think????
you can either purchase the book each month or borrow it from the library or if a couple of us have copies we can share them around so that we have all read them.. you will have one book a month to read so plenty of time...i think ?????
I just thought it might be another fun way for us to have some girly time together and try something a little different???? so let me know what you think by either leaving a comment here or emailing me......... start to think about book titles and authors you'd like to read or even ones you have always wanted to read but haven't is a great chance to do just that!..

Friday, January 16, 2009


it is true ...i am still around..hahaha......things have been very hectic around here to say the least and time for blogging has been non is true that if i could have put the stephenie meyer books that i was reading down for even a few minutes then i might have been on here earlier but sorry girls she sucked me right into her world of love, vampires and wolfes that i just had to keep much so that i read all four books in the series in just two weeks...a record for me...hahahaa.....i can't wait to read them again in a few weeks once i get through the pile i have sitting here...since finishing those i have read four other books so the stack is slowly going down....yes it could be said i am addicted to reading at the as become a total release from reality for me so bring it on i say!!!!

so back to scrapping...there are a few exciting new changes taking place with the monthly challenge and the a way i am combining both to create a year long competion giving everyone more time to complete challenges with elements of choice as to how much you want to do......

so gone are the CC blog and the challenge blog for the new "live to scrap blog!" here
when this is up and running properly...later tonight! i will post six challenges each month on the are required to complete three of the is of course up to you how many you actually do but to be in the running for the major prize at the end of the year you need a total of 36 layouts for the year.......every person who completes their 3 layout's within the month they were posted will go into a draw for the monthly prize...those who run out of time can still complete the challenges they simply need to be all completed by the 31st of december 2009......there will be bonus prizes awarded through out the year with a major prize presented at the end of the year....what that is i am keeping to myself for now but believe me you WANT it!!!! hahahahaha.....

the six challenges will be similar to challenges i have posted in the monthly CC..things like a sketch, a title or song to use, product and colour challenges as well as themes of course.....i am sure you will love this comp and the added bonus of so much time to do it i think will make it even better for you.....because the january challenges are going up so late you will have until mid february to complete them to go in for the monthly prize draw.....ok so i will kick things off tonight with the first 6 challenges for the year...having already explained everything here i will simply post the challenges on the live to scrap blog for you so you can get started.... i hope you enjoy this new system and join me for a year full of scrappy fun!!!

i also need to know if any of the kids out there want the kids comp to continue...i am happy to offer it for them but i need to know who is interested?????