Wednesday, June 30, 2010

who's ready for more???

everyone loved giving a sketch ago so much that i thought we would use another one.....the sketch comes from pagemaps..... you can use the sketch or not thats up to you but i'd love to see you give it ago!.....i also want to see some ribbon or twine and LOTS of bling baby!!!! sound easy??? i think it is and so much fun too....
this layout is a quick one i did a long time ago using this sketch...i hope it helps to give you some ideas! ok have fun with it and don't forget to email it to me before 9pm saturday night.....
just a little hint for the next one.....keep an eye out around the house between now and saturday for something you can recycle.......

prize info and another layout!

here we have a gorgeous layout by Maddison (7) i am thinking that Maddison is another pink about you??? it is just beautiful ...a great version of the sketch and oh my what a cutie you are at the beach!...well done honey...

i just wanted to clarify a few things about the comp and prizes for everyone.....i will post challenges on saturdays and wednesdays....each saturday challenge will be due wednesday by 9pm and wednesday challenges will be due by 9pm saturday...easy peasy! there will be 6 challenges this comp all up....there will be two small prizes awarded for each for each age group...then at the end of the comp everyone who has regularly participated in the comp...done at least 2 of the challenges will go into a draw for a larger prize....because i am a little tease i will let you know what that is a little might just be a little stampy though....who knows! LOL....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

more, more more!!!

it is my kidlets turn to show you their creations for the comp....they all scrapped their pages after my class today....the photography isn't great... the weather was awful by the time they finished but they had to be put up here they are... first up we have chantelle (8) and her "all dressed up" page....she chose not to use the sketch but did use her fav colours of blue and pink with flowers and butterflies....she even had to pen in the butterfly's flight cause "you do that all the time mum"...chantelle even used a Krissy handmade twister rose in the centre of her flowers for her butterlfy to sit on....she had to use the good stuff thank you very much!! it is beautiful did a fantastic job!!
can you guess ebony's fav colour??? LOL.....i helped her cut her paper but she placed it on her page after very close study of the sketch...hehehehe....she put her paper flowers through the cuttlebug to "pretty them up more" then stuck them all around and added bling for centres...she chose her title of "ebony loves krissy" herself and just got me to point out the right letters...way to go gorgeous is perfectly pink and pretty! (chantelle tried to argue with me that i must have done the big flowers cause it is layered but i DID NOT...ebony has seen us all do it so often it was the first thing she did with them...pmsl...she even said "krissy would be proud of that don't you think mummy?")

my Man ethan had a quick go to with his "footy star" page....choosing blue for his colour and stars which he cut out with the cuttlebug.he had SO much fun!!!.very quick but oh so cute...good boy for having a go!!
keep them coming kids...i am LOVIN all these awesome creations!
(i have pages of my own to post but i will hold off for a while as i want the kids pages to shine and not be mixed amoungst other posts....)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

watch out ladies!

cause i am telling you with this kind of scrappy talent around they will be beating us in comps before we know it...LOL...i have 4 gorgeous pages to show you and it's only the first day of the comp!!! how awesome is that!! ok first up in the comp we have ........ Hayden (6) who has created this awesome page titled "my dad".....not only did Hayden use a cuttlebug for his stars and do some doodling but he used mum's sewing machine!!! way to go Hayden...i am too chicken to try'll have to tell me how it's done ...your an absolute champ!.....
this very cute and totally pretty page titled "daddy's girl" comes from Makayla (3)...mum helped her cut her paper but she did the rest including a go on the sewing how cool is that!!!..this little cutie also added beautiful bling to her sewing....way to go Makayla your page is gorgeous!!!

this fantastic page titled "my best friends" comes from a brand new scrapper...Kathryn...while staying at her friend Gemilla's house she decided to give the challenges a go and i am SO glad she Fabbo is this? kathryn didn't have a photo with her but she is all ready to add it once she gets home...i hope you join in more of the challenges Kathryn cause you are definately a talent in the making!!! way to go girl..... now speaking of talent here we have a stunning page from Gemilla titled "this is me".....her favourite colour choice was "rainbow" and i LOVE it!!! it looks absolutely amazing gemilla...i love all the colours and the flowers look awesome!!! keep the gorgeous creations coming honey...
well i don't know about you but i am so impressed with these gorgeous first entries..and i am so glad i am not judging...LOL...sorry Kate but your going to have a tough job deciding for sure!
i am loving this compand i hope you are too... keep those pages coming !!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

So are you READY!!!!

so is everyone ready to have some fun??? i hope so cause i sure am!!

i thought i would start off our comp nice and easy with this sketch from pagemaps...(if you find sketches too hard thats ok just follow the criteria)... when scrapping this layout please scrap it using your favourite can use other colours as well but your fav needs to be easily seen...i want to be able to tell what your fav colour is just by looking at the page...i'd also like to see some flowers or stars....sound ok??? if you have any questions or need any help just email me here or ask your question in the comments section of the blog..the layouts need to be emailed to me by 9pm wednesday night...the prize for this first challenge is a $5 gift voucher from wicked princesses generously donated by Krissy.
so get to it kids but most of all remember to have FUN!!!!!!!!!!

australias got scrappy talent!!

LOL.....ok so did i grab your attention.....i was thinking about the school holidays approaching and decided that i am going to run a young peoples crafty comp here on my blog over the holidays....i will start this weekend so that our QLD friends can join in the fun too and run it until the end of the NSW holidays when our wicked princess judge...the gorgeous princess Kate will make what i am sure will be some very hard decisions and dish out some yummy srummy prizes! some of the prizes will be scrappy ones (including a $5 voucher from wicked princesses...thanks so so much Krissy "mwah") and some not scrappy ones like books and chocies!!!.....

so here is how things will work..... each saturday and wednesday morning i will post a challenge here on the blog and you will have 1 week to complete each if i post a challenge on saturday then you will have until the next saturday to have it completed......once you complete your challenge email it to me here then i will post them here on the blog so they can shared with everyone and at the end of the comp all winners will be announced.....i will break all entries into 2 age groups...3-8yrs and 9-16yrs......

if you have any challenge ideas please feel free to email them to me.....if you would like to join in the fun leave me your name in the comments section here or your mum can let me know at wicked princesses in the scrap chat section as well....
so come on everyone sign up and lets ahve some fun these rainy holidays!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


check this out and make sure you don't miss out on the fun!!! i'll be there for sure ....will you????

june teaser!

hey there gorgeous people just thought i'd give you all a sneak peak of some of the goodies in this month's class kit.... this month we are using the beautiful "flower child" range from Bo Bunny....
i am having heaps of fun with these and will have pages for you soon......

i even have a couple of new tricks to teach you this month...i can't wait to get back to playing...see ya soon!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


i have finally got around to taking pics of my may class pages using the awesome we R memory keepers "72 and sunny" range...i used some of it differently to the way i had originally intended but isn't that a big part of scrapping...hehehehe.... i love this cheeky pic of miss ebony...i have some doodling around the edge of the CS...something i haven't done for a glad i did!! miss chantelle slip slidin' away.....we just avoided the embrassing undie pic...LOL

chantelle playing in the creek at crescent head on our hols in jan 09

ethie just chillin' in the water again at creso...mucking around with his board and running from waves that if they actually reached your ankles you were lucky!! LOL.

ethie again ,....this time having a sulk on MaMa's knee when he got into trouble at the's tough sometimes isn't it!!! the only thing i have done recently is this little card for one of ebony's friends from pre school who happens to also be ebony...she had to be in the pic thank you very much.... she did help after all....more like tried to tell me what to do all the time...little bugger!!
i'll be back soon as i have june layouts to finish off and post plus lots of june it definately won't be as long between posts!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So what's been happening???

hey there...i know i have been very slack lately and haven't blogged much at all...naughty naughty me!!! well i am here to catch you all up a bit.....

i am currently putting together the details for the scrap frenzy challenge retreat for 2011. i have set the date...march 4th-6th.....and will be posting more details very very keep watching!!! i am really looking foward to it and can't wait for it to get here already!!!

on a personal level...this weekend we attended our gorgeous great nephew Noah's gorgeous is he!!!...he was so well behaved especially since the christening was at 11am and he had been up since 3am!!!!!
we tried to get a photo with the kids was interesting...but this one is the best of the bunch....

i am helping my mum organise a family reunion next march ...just check out this awesome invite made for us by Catherine at invitations2impress awesome is it!!! i am really happy with it as you can probably tell....the next time you are after an invite check out catherine's creations...she has heaps of designs to choose from and can make you up something for any occasion....her prices are fantastic and her customer service please keep her in mind.......i love how the pic of my grandparents come up!!! on the scrappy front i have some pages to photograph for you but i will have to post them later...just waiting for my camera batteries to charge.....i have some awesome product ordered for the rest of the year...yep thats right i have the remainder of the year all planned is that for organised!!!...oh i think i am going into shock!!!!hehehehehehe.....
ok i am off to get organised before i take chantelle to get her next lot of plasters done...keep watching cause i WILL be back soon!!! LOL