Friday, December 12, 2008

just my luck!!

ok so i am thinking i need to be pulled apart and put back together...hahahaha...yesterday i hurt my so called good such a simple way that i am over this silly body of mine...i mean it had to be my i am useless!!!! i can't even SCRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really wanted to actually do the challenges for this CC..bugger it!!! ok whinge over..time for some updates!


i hope you are all enjoying the jingle bells CC..if you haven't checked out the challenges yet go over to the mojo blog ..i think they will get the mojo flowing this month..and don't forget there are $20 kaszazz vouchers up for grabs..

i know that a few of us are struggling to find some christmas spririt at the moment because of sick family members so i just wanted to let those of you concerned know that i am thinking of you and i am sending lots of love and good vibes your way...xxxxxxxx

the christmas party and scrap is this sunday from 10am...we are doing a gorgeous kaszazz teddy bear double layout...i luckily have already done it!!! woohoo!!! and it was so much fun to will love it...we stamp and chalk and all sorts of fun stuff....we are using browns and vanilla to create the layout so bear that in mind when choosing your will need 2 6x4 photos....the cost is $20 and there are still a few spots left if anyone out there would like to join in the fun....if you are currently on a diet then forget it just for this day cause i am planning some yummy snacks for us to nibble the day away...hahahahaha....
everyone who joined in the secret santa don't forget your gift to put under the tree...i will also be giving a prize for the most colourful christmas outfit worn that get in the chrissy spirit girls!!!

those who are wishing to come to the mamma mia weekend, if you haven't already done so, could you please confirm this with a deposit as i don't want you to miss out on a spot...i have started advertising this weekend at a few businesses and i am very confident that places will now fill won't want to miss this one!!!! i will be posting class teasers on the mamma mia blog later this weekend so check it out too see what awesome things krissy and i have planned for you!!! there is a link at the right of this blog.....

i will also be posting class dates and some other details this weekend for 2009 including some school holiday fun so make sure you pop back and check things out .....

have an awesome weekend...i hope to see lots of you at the party on sunday!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's time!!

it's "jingles bells"time so head on over to the mojo blog and join in this month's fabbo CC....theres lots of fun to be had this month so make sure you don't miss out on the fun!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


i have been tagged by krissy for the blog awards

The 'rules' say:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate five blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees
OK here goes........

1. KRISSY of course...with such awesome creations how could i not!!

2. SANDY....Very inspirational

3. KATE ....just love my mentors blog...she got me started on all this afterall!

4. KAT...for something different and oh so yummy you can't go past her yummo cakes...check out her new chrissy creations ..they are just awesome!!!!!!!

5. PETA... her blog is never short of ideas and inspiration for us all....

good luck ladies....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


just thought i would let you all know i have posted the december on the comp blog and updated the CC blog with some important info too so make sure you check them out.......

there are also just a couple of spots left for my AWESOME christmas card frenzy class on the 10th of december so please be quick if you are interested in attending this great won't be disappointed i promise!!!

i will be working out the classes for the new year later this week and i also have a few new things to set up and organise for the new year as well so make sure you keep an eye on the blog for some exciting announcements!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


the winners for this month's Cc are finally posted on the mojo blog!!! congrats to all the winners and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who join in the fun!!! i hope to see you all back again next month!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

hey there!!

just a few reminders...there is only 5 days left to go for this month's challenge get scrapping girls...speaking of scrapping the CC is soon coming to an end with all entries due by midnight you still have time today to get some challenges done ladies go for it!!!!

the christmas card frenzy class on the 10th of december is filling fast so please be quick to book your spot!!! we will be doing 10 gorgeous cards for only $ don't want to miss this one!!!

our chrissy party and scrap is on sunday the 14th from 10am...we will be creating 1 double page layout ( cost $20...i will post a photo of the layout soon!) then party, party, party.... some secret santa details have been sent out but anyone still wishing to participate is more than welcome so please just email me asap if you wish to attend the chrissy party and/or join in the secret santa....

Monday, November 24, 2008

klever kat!!!

here is Kat's blind challenge from the class last week....she had to take it home to finish it off because she didn't have photos....and i think she did an awesome job!!! it looks amazing honey!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

christmas card frenzy!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

christmas card frenzy!!!

On wednesday the 10th of december i will be running a class called a "christmas card frenzy" the cost will be $25 and you will create 10 gorgeous chrissy cards!! yep 10 how good is that!!!
we will be using white and oatmeal card stock along with chocolate ancient page ink to create these beautiful cards....we will stamp them with some fantastic chrissy stamps and embellish them with things such as gold embossing, gorgeous white ribbons and even a plastic bookmark!!
so come on book in NOW to join in the fun...we will have a blast creating these gorgeous cards!! be quick places are limited to 8!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the luck of the irish

is on it's way to the mojo cybercrop....thats right it is that time again....our cc for november " the luck of the irish" kicks off tommorrow and goes through until wednesday night so make sure you head on over to the CC blog and check out the won't want to miss this one!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

sunday's challenge!

for the third page for our sunday workshops krissy gave us all a receipe to follow so below are some of the creations made.....everyones turned out so differently ...they all look great!!! Krissy




Saturday, November 8, 2008

november classes!

here is a little look at the fantastic creations for november!!! first you will be making a gorgeous frame....most of you have choosen your colour combo yourselves ...for those who haven't i will have a couple of different ones here to choose from on the day but only a few so it wil be first in best dressed so to speak!
this gorgeous page by Krissy is the first of three that she has created for us this month.....for this layout you will need a 5x7 photo preferably landscape.....

for this gorgeous boy page titled"happy" you will again need a 5x7 photo but this time it needs to be portrait........this one is going to be fun with lots of distressing and cutting......can't wait!!!!
the third and final page for the month is a blind challenge created by krissy using more of the boy papers pictured will need 4 photos that can be cropped!!!! two of them will need to be cropped quite small so please bear that in mind when choosing your photos.....
i am really looking forward to our classes this i hope you are all ready for loads of scrappy fun!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Def Leppard!!!!

what an awesome night we all had at the Def Leppard concert last night!!! they were just amazing!!! they played a good cross section of their songs from the early days through until now.......i managed to remember more of the words than i thought i is just a few of the pics taken by sandy on the night....thanks honey!!!
Joe and Phil...they were awesome!!

Rick "sav"


Rick a huge inspiration to me......... he just goes flatout all night...the peddle system on his drums so that he can play them with his feet is just amazing!!!

sandy took this one just for me cause the film clip for "nine lives" which they sing with Tim McGraw is on the big screen and i LOVE Tim!!!!

mamma mia blog

i have just set up a blog for our mamma mia weekend....i am yet to post all the details as i am still working out a few things...i will let you all know as soon as it is updated and ready for reading!!!!! i am so excited about our abbalicious weekend...i have all the classes roughed out and i am happy to say things are looking good for an awesome weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

secret santa!!

woohoo it is nearly that time of year again when the jolly big man comes down the chimey spreading happiness all the i need to know those people who would like to join in our secret santa this year???? our cyber friends are VERY welcome to join in as well...this is not just for my local please email me asap to let me know if you are wanting to join in!

basically what happens is i will draw out the names of those joining in and email you who you are buying a small scrappy gift for this christmas.....spending NO more than $15.....for the local girls these will be given out at our chrissy party on the 14th of december.....for the girls who are out of town....i will post them out from that day...and i will reinburse you for posting your gift to me for your person....

if you have any questions about this please just email me and i will help you out

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

featured papers...

here are a couple of photos of the papers we will use at my november classes with the pages designed, as you know, by the gorgeous Krissy!! this is the front of the papers...we will also be using the rub-ons that match the "her beauty" (butterflies) paper....
the back view of the papers.....i am sure you will love using these gorgeous papers!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

SHE"S BACK...............

yep thats right our beautiful guess designer Krissy Christie is back designing for our November classes ....i am so excited to see what she creates for us all .....i am sure you will love them...i have sent her some gorgeous cherryarte papers and rub-ons to create with so you are definately in for a treat.......keep checking the blog for page updates!!!

i am also very excited to announce that i have talked Kirssy into designing for our Mamma Mia weekend as well.......we are going to have so much fun at villa donna that weekend so make sure you book in soon!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

moving villa donna!!

we might be moving villa donna for the mamma mia scrap will mean a slight change to things but it will be so worth it!!! so cross your fingers and keep an eye on the blog for the improved details for our abbalicious weekend!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

mamma mia weekend!!

That’s right Mamma Mia is coming to Heddon Greta or should I say my very own” Kalokairi”……
I am turning my house into “ Villa Donna” for a weekend full of scrapping and Abbarific fun…so are you curious???? Do I hear you say tell me more?? “ I do, I do, I do, I do, I do” well keep reading then…….

You see “I have a dream” to create a fun filled weekend full of scrapping and laughs that will have you all saying “gimme, gimme,gimme” more… here’s the plan……

Come on over to “Villa Donna” from Friday February 27th until Sunday march 1st and join in loads of classes and games to keep your mojo flowing for months…

The weekend includes 5 official classes and a free bonus class, for those staying the entire weekend, on the Saturday night… well as a themed dinner and a viewing of the movie itself……

Let’s talk “money, money, money” I hear you say…the costs are broken down into the following for you….

The cost of the entire weekend is $150..this includes accommodation, all meals and drinks (except alcohol) including the themed dinner on Saturday night, 6 classes with complete product kits, games and prizes……

If you would like to attend Saturday only the cost is $50 this includes 2 classes with complete kits, meals, drinks etc……if you would like to join us for the dinner and class on the Saturday night the cost will be $65……
Sunday only is again $50
and includes 2 classes with complete
Kits and meals , drinks etc…..
There will be lots of games, challenges and prizes to be won over the weekend so come on find your inner “Dancing Queen” and come and join in the fun….

As “Villa Donna” is limited in spacing there are only 12 places available each day so please be quick and book in!!!

A deposit of $20 to secure your place is required by December 1st with the balance due by January 31st…those fully paid by the end of January will receive a bonus pack on arrival…BUT. Those paid in full by January 21st will receive a bigger bonus pack!!!

So come on " honey honey" “take a chance on me” and “when all is said and done” let’s have some fun!!!

Santa already???

this weekend my girls decided that seem they were asking santa for camping stuff this christmas, instead of toys ,for our camping trip the end of january that they should send their letters now cause apparently he might need more time for that kind of stuff cause he makes the toys but most likely not this sort of thing......"he might have to look around for the right stuff mum" or " if he and the elves can make it they might need more time" so they got busy...i had to write out suggestions made by chantelle so that she got the spelling right.....mind you i constanly got into trouble for not dotting my i"s.....smarty bum children!!!.....
ebony's letter asks for the same sort of stuff as chantelle plus a boogie board cause she wants to ride one like the other kids....but don't worry about one for mummy cause she has to help me.....
chantelle's letter pretty much covers everything even mattresses!! she is so excited god love her to be going to the beach where mummy use to go all the time and the one that was grandpa's favourite!! god i love my kids!!!!

october pages.....

the final layout for this month's heritage classes is open to otherwords you get to play around with it a bit!!! due to me buggering up my paper supplies...der idiot!!...i am not doing this page yet so that i have all the papers for you with a little bit of a lead instruction from me the girls yesterday took it from there...that is what this sunday's class will do as well...i will give you a starting point and then you will take it from there........... this gorgeous layout is trish's take on the papers and ideas given...i love how this turned out ...the photo isn't the best..bad light...but in real life the colours are beautiful and warm...just love how this turned out!!

i will be posting sandy's for you soon..she had to take it home and add a few finishing touches to her the photos!!! hahahahahaha......

Saturday, October 18, 2008


here is a little look at the papers on sale today...oh bugger didnt realize i had so many!!! they are all 80c each and there are lots of other goodies for sale as well so come on over and check them out!!! things like rub-ons, alphas, paper packs and chip shapes all at bargain prices!!! hope to see you soon!!

november preview!

here is a preview of the november class.....this is the frame that we will be making at next month's sunday workshops......if you would like to do a boy frame please let me know i will change the papers always should anyone like the kit in either boy or girl including complete instructions then simply email me and we can arrange one for you!!

october pages finally!!!

the two double page layouts for this month come from kaszazz using the rustic paper range and drawing inspiration from the cut, crop and assemble pack! it was so much fun to do...i only changed a couple of things around.......... your packs contain rub-ons and small alpha letters to create titles well as 2 chipboard words from scrap can inchange your alphas from one page to the other words you can decide which one to use on which layout...they don't have to be the same as mine! not that mine are titled yet!!! the layout above i am not sure that i am going to title it anymore than i have...the layout below i just can't decide on one...yeah yeah i now..typical me!!! oh well i'll get there.....hahahahaha
this gorgeous photo is of my mum at her deb..she was 15 at the's ok mum i won't say how old that makes the photo..hehehehehe.....i have used a paper from the new ebony and ivory range from kaszazz as well as the new crackle paint on the chipboard word and around the edge of the bazzill piece....i have four colours of paint for you to choose from at the class........couldn't resist using some kaiser flowers and a wood swirl either......
i am still working on the last layout for the class...i will post it for you by tommorrow at the lastest!!!! for the photo sizes for all the pages please refer to the class info at the side of the blog!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


MAMMA MIA IS ON IT'S WAY.......hehehehhehhee....more details soon!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CC time!!

yep thats right it is CC time again so head on over to get your mojo moving with our "whats old is new again"

also for those girls attending my sunday workshops i will be posting the pages in the morning...sorry for the delay but i now have everything together for them i just have to finish them off.....oops!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i am such a sook....this afternoon i saw the last couple of minutes of the 4.30 channel nine news...they showed this story of a young girl in america being choosen by her school as homecoming queen...and like the reporter said most people see that as a popularity contest.... well i hope so in this case because a gorgeous young girl with an amazing smile won homecoming queen ..oh and she happens to have the special qualites of down syndrome....she hasn't taken her crown off since she won...the look on her face when her name was read out was priceless....and YES i cried!!! like the big sook i am i cried to see such equality and acceptance in this big world of her mum said we really can do anything we put our minds too...wether it be something big or something small simple try and you will get there......she loves the limelight...she sounds like someone else i is planning to study acting after school...i hope she goes all the way!!!!!

things to remember!

firstly don't forget my big sale this saturday from 8:30am...come on over and grab yourself some bargains.........Also this month's CC "what's old is new again" starts tommorrow afternoon so make sure you check out the various challenges at the cybercrop blog here over the have until midnight wednesday to complete as many as you come on get scrapping girls and have some fun with me!!!

i will have some very exciting news to post for you all on monday......just nutting out some final details keep an eye on this blog for what i am sure will be fun and exciting news for you all!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


ok so i think you get the picture! i am having a sale AT MY HOME THIS SATURDAY THE 18TH OF OCTOBER!! there are lots of things on offer at amazing prices so head on over anytime after 8.30 am and grab yourself some bargains....... i have loads of stock that simply must go !!all patterned papers are 80 cents each as is any bazzill i have in stock......basically there will be nothing here over $15!!!! and thats for paper make sure you set aside some time on saturday to come over and check out the bargains!!! you won't regret it........DON'T FORGET TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

as for my online friends i am happy to post items on the blog should you want to check things out as well so just let me know and i will do that for you.....!!! have a great day everyone!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


this school hols we have had a very busy time! it has been great!!! constant whinging from's a miracle!!!!!we started with eb"s birthday then a kids scrap class a few days later..
daddy had a day off so we went to stockton beach for some fun!!! the kids had a ball playing on the edge of the freezing cold waves...then
a sandcastles decorated with shells ........they really did have a great time before we had to bail because of the wind.....a great warm up to our chrissy holiday....can't wait!!!
our cousins came over from New Zealand this hols and we caught up a couple of times during their was the first time the kids had meet each other and they all got on like a house on fire!! it was great to see them!!!!.......this is just one of many photos i took but this one cracked me up...i was trying to get a group shot and silly me said" smile and says cheeky monkeys" ethie was a cheeky monkey!!!hahahaha...i guess you had to be there but it cracked us all up!!!

we have had a BBQ at sandy's with the wonderful chef Mark!! thanks guys we had a great time!!! then yesterday we had a scrap day with Sandy and kaytlin...the kids scrapped more than me...actually i didnt scrap!!!
this is eb's very buttony creation..( the 2nd of the day).......she had a great a little over her idea of putting the buttons on the flowers so kaytlin finished off the last couple for her.....then when she saw the girls stamp on their pages she had to add a flourish to did a great job honey...i am so proud of you everything including cutting and glueing a go yourself!!!you are becoming such a big girl for sure!!!
ethie came and went from the scrap table but managed to finish off one layout!!! and i love it of course..hahahahaha.....when those buttons came out he was in heaven...he loved sticking them down!! great job honey...i am glad you had such a good time....
now miss chantelle and miss kaytlin decided to scraplift a page from the current "scrapbook memories" mag.( page 77)..they did a great job and had a ball working it all out...even had to have the flourish the same as the page they were copying...all chantelle said was " won't aunty Kate be proud of me scraplifting from a magazine like a big girl""" i thought it was soooo cute i hope you are suitably impressed aunty Kate...hahahaha......
as the for rest of the hols...i am rewarding my big girl with a trip to the movies this afternoon as she has been amazing this hols helping mummy out heaps and being very supportive of her brother and sister and their training...then tommorrow is merv's 40th birthday so out for lunch at least....saturday i have a Kaszazz demo and then we are off to the drive in for the kids then thats it!!! yeah the hols are finished and life gets back to the routine stuff!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


i had a wonderful time at Peta's retreat as well as a badly needed break, even though my weekend had to be cut short.......thanks for a great time honey...xxxx..... here are the pages ...both classes and my own...that i managed to get finished on the weekend...i also did a couple for my CC which are on the CC blog and a mini album which i gave to mum for her birthday...i still have to take photos of it..... this page and the one below of Jon are an aussie scrap source kit that i purchased from Peta...i love how the pages turned out especially this one of ethie!! really love them!!! i even did the beading on this one...shock horror!! hahahaha
but i didn't do the beading they asked for on this one of Jon....i thought it was too much....well thats my excuse and i am sticking to it!!! hehehehehe
this one is just me playing around with a paper kit from peta....awesome pink paislee and bo bunny bright and funky...just loved them!!
this is my adaptation of peta's sunday i couldn't stay for the class i had to copy peta's page on the friday night instead so i had to improvise a little to get it done!!
this page was a blind challenge class on saturday...i have used a photo from Marelle of her gorgeous girls that i had for a photo swap at Bon's....i figured if i used it for the class then i couldn't stuff it up on marelle...well that was the plan anyway...i will apoligise now though marelle for my stitiching...i am hopeless at stitiching!!!! we have used the new BG "eva" range and heidi swapp felt shapes.....some fibers and we even got to use Kate's cuttlebug to emboss a piece of the PP then sanded it to bring the pattern out more...i hope you like it Marelle!!
i just love the simplicity of this page...yeah right...i love the photo who am i kidding!!!! i do love the new SR papers too..honest!! i used a pagemaps sketch to get me started with this one.....
this friday class was so much fun!! i had a great time doing it and love the result....i even pinched the concept for my kids class this week!!! it is a great mix of colours and shapes...just love it!!
this page is a blind challenge we did as a bonus with the above class...again really happy with the end result and i even stuck it down as i went along...rare for me but i did it!!!!
last but definately not least is the very first class we did on friday using some awesome teresa collins papers.....i have used the family photos taken at ethan's pirate party showing off the many different shots peta took to get a good one!! really really love this one!!!!

photo swaps!!

i have particpated in of few photo swaps lately and here are the gorgeous pages created for me....i have been lucky both times to have my pages done by some awesome scrappers and friends!! this first one was created by the talented miss Kate!! i just love it. the new SR papers and embellishments are so cute!! i was very honoured to have Kate use ethie's photo for her dt work as well!! thanks honey ..i really love the page!!
this gorgeous one was created by Peta..i sent this photo in because i loved it but didn't know what to do with it because of all the reflection in it!! peta you did a great job with a difficult photo and i love the quote you chose for my man...i just love the whole thing really !!!

thanks ladies for taking the time to create such gorgeous pages for me!!!

ebony's birthday with Loopy!!!

my gorgeous miss ebony turned 3 on the 27th of september...i can't believe she is 3 already!!! here is just a few of the tonne of photos that were taken on the day and at her party...she decided to have a PINK party and we had LOOPY the clown come over an entertain the turned out to be the best thing i have ever done for them.....she was fantastic and they all had a ball!!! here we have Ebony with her new baby Angel that we gave her for her birthday!! she is just beautiful and huge!!! everyone loves angel so she has turned out to be a great pressie!!!
the wonderful LOOPY...she was just fantastic...i think we will have to have her back again sometime....the kids loved her!!!
i thought at one stage the kids were going to chuckle themselves to death ...they were all cracking up at loopy so much it was great!!!
ethis even had a go at copying a few actions!!
then of course he had to try out a little bit of magic for himself using loopy's special feather wand and magic bag!!!
Loopy then made balloon animals for everyone starting with a butterfly for the birthday girl!!! we had swords, dogs, hearts, giraffes and all sorts of great balloons!!! then they played with huge bubbles and had an awesome treasure hunt with a TONNE of yummy lollies!!!
to finish the day off we tried to get a nice group shot with was that interesting but i think i like the fun ones anyway...they were all enjoying her so much and that is what counts!!!!
a BIG thanks to everyone who came and celebrated ebony's birthday with us and a HUGE thank you to Loopy for helping us make eb's day so special and loads of fun!!!