Tuesday, July 26, 2011

woohoo it's CC time!!

this weekend it is Cybercrop time at wicked princesses so make sure you head on over there friday night to kick start a weekend FULL of scrappy goodness and inspiration!!! you really won't want to miss it!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

class kits

i thought i'd be nice for a change and instead of teasing everyone with little sneaks i would just show you all the kits for the next two months!!! i know it's a shock me being nice ...LOL!!!
first we have the gorgeous "in bloom" kit that Krissy will be using to create our August class pages with...also included in this kit but not in the photo are a MVB vine with red flowers and some MVB trim....it is a fantastic kit and i know we are going to just love the pages Krissy makes for us with it....if you would like a class spot or just the kit and instructions just drop me an email here....also if you'd like a full list of whats in the kit just ask! for our september classes we will be using the "jungle fun" kit containing some of the awesome bo bunny range "zoology"...i love this one too and i so can't wait to get my hands on it...LOL! again you know the drill if you'd like to come to the class or grab a kit please lt me know asap!

thanks for stopping by...i'll be back soon with page sneaks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

winners are grinners

hey there! well you all made it so very hard for us to pick winners in the kids comp for this holidays....everyone did an amazing job and you should all be very very proud of your creations....before i announce all the winners i have to THANK YOU for joining in my little comp...to see so many of you participate warmed my heart!! xxxx ok so here are the winners......drum roll please.........

winner of the drawing challenge is HEIDI!....we loved all your colours and your obvious care taken in creating this picture...it is a beautiful picture...congratulations honey..xx

Miss Morgan takes out the aussie challenge...we loved that you not only used the colours of the flag but included the flag itself on your page and plus we are a sucker for fowers...lol....congrats honey! xx

we simply could not go past this gorgeous hairties box by HANNAH when it came to a winner for the OTP challenge...it is a fantastic idea and such a beautiful looking box....it just had to win..i wish i had one!! huge congrats honey..xx

when it came to the colour challenge it was so hard to choose cause everyone had done such amazing pages...in the end we simply couldn't choose between two of the layouts so i decided i didn't have to choose so for the colour challenge we have two winners!!

LILY ...we loved your layout! i loved that you had a go at such hard techniques...i just can't get paint right but you sure have! i loved the paint,your scalloped edge, the colours and well just everything about your layout honey.....so a huge congrats to you...xxxx

we also loved your layout JOSH....all the bright colours, the embellies, your title and well again everything about your layout just stood out at us as amazing...huge congrats to you too..xxx

i will be posting prizes on thursday so make sure you get your mums/aunty (hehe) to email me your address so that i can get your prize on its way to your house!

because you all enjoyed this so much and because i have had a few people ask me about a kids comp i will now be running one here on my blog every month...on the 1st day of each month i will post two challenges...you will have all month to complete them and email them to me...i will of course post them on the blog and winners will be choosen the first week of the following month...easy peasy....so i hope you will be back to join in with the monthly kids comp too!

chat soon


Sunday, July 17, 2011

the goodness just keeps coming!!

here is some more awesomeness from our little scrappers...first up the colour challenge from Morgan....just how Fabbo is it??? i love it....great job!!! thanks so much for joining in the fun of my little comp honey..xxxx All of the remaining creations in this post are from Hannah...she has had a great time by the looks of it creating amazing things...so let's check them out!

first is hannah's aussie challenge layout of herself on her birthday blowing out the candles on her cake....just gorgeous honey!..xx

this wonderful drawing is of her favourite things...her family, flowers and a butterfly....great stuff i say!

for her OTP creation hannah made an awesome hairties box from an old tea bag box...what a Fabbo idea hannah and you did a fantastic job with it...it looks gorgeous!!... great idea adding the label on the front of the box too!!

last of all but definately not least is a wonderful story complete with drawing to match....i think you did a great job with all the challenges Hannah and i sure hope you had a lot of fun...thanks so much for joining in!

there are a few more entries still coming in so keep watching this space ladies!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

more young scrappers!

some more kids comp entries have come through and i am sure after you check them out you will argee with me that they are truly awesome!!!! first up we have a fantastic page for the aussie challenge from Lily....

followed by her colour challenge layout....they are just gorgeous Lily...i think mummy may have inspired you with her fabbo paint work for this one..you did a great job with the paint ....i struggle with it sometimes but you nailed it honey!...great job and good luck ...xxxx

next up we have Morgan's aussie challenge page....well what can i say ...it's just gorgeous like you sweetie!!! looking forward to seeing your next challenge entry..xxx

now we have two challenges from Josh...first his aussie page then....

his totally Fabbo colour challenge....i love them honey especially this one...love all the bright colours and your embellies look awesome....great action pic too! great job...

you all did an amazing job and most importantly i hope you had some fun!!

good luck everyone.....don't forget judging begins monday with announcements tuesday...so there is still time to get your challenges done and emailed to me if you want to join in the fun....go for it !!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

more Ali goodness!!

here are the final two pages from the gorgeous ALI for our july class....and i must say that yet again they are amazing!!

so there you have it girls....you have now seen all six amazing pages created by Ali for us using the fabbo "blast off" kit from wicked princesses

So you can be sure of your photo sizes here they are listed for you.

layout one: 1 4x6 portrait photo cropped to 14x8cm

1 4x6 landscape photo cropped to 10x10cm

layout two: 2 4x6 portrait photos

layout three: 3 2x3 landscape photos

layout four: 1 5x7 portrait photo

layout five: 2 4x3 landscape photos

layout six: 1 6x4 landscape photo.

i can' wait to scrap with you all on sunday...these pages are so much fun!!! i have one spot or kit with instructions left so if anyone is interested in attending the class or purchasing the kit and instructions just pop me an email......there are also more blast off kits and other amazing kits available at wicked!!!

Heidi your a star!!

Gorgeous Miss Heidi has completed four of the kids comp challenges....just check out her creations ladies.....they are just AWESOME!!! her story is about her family going to the zoo where they saw a giraffe and a fairy!.....great story honey i love it!!

next we have heidi's drawing of something she likes to do....Playing outside with her mum and it looks like you have a great time with mum heidi..xx

the colour challenge scrap page ...it's just Fabbo!!

last but definately not least is her Aussie challenge scrap page..i love it honey...especially your hand drawn stars..they are fantastic!

congrats honey on your wonderful creations...i hope you had some fun doing them...good luck with the comp!! xxxxx

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amazing Ali!!

i shared with you the other day the first of the amazing pages Ali has created for my july class and i thought it was about time i showed you some more....here are 3 more fantastic pages....

aren't they awesome , amazing and all the rest....i really, really love them can you tell?? LOL...and even better is that there is two more pages to come so stay tuned ladies!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

purple pumpkin giveaway!!!

the gorgeous ladies at Purple Pumpkin are celebrating their 1st birthday this month and as part of the celebrations they are having a fantastic giveaway with not one but FOUR amazing prizes!!! how cool is that!!!!!! first prize is a $50 voucher, 2nd a $25 voucher, third a $15 voucher and fourth a $10 voucher....prizes will be drawn on the 22nd of july just in time for their next sale...just look at the gorgeous embellies you could purchase with those vouchers girls.....yummo or what!!!!!
to see how you too could enter the giveaway check out purple pumpkin and good luck girls!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

holidays boring..... NEVER!!!....LOL

not with this comp around to keep us creating....ok kids let's get this party started shall we?? ......i will put up five challenges for you all to choose from....2 scrap challenges, 1 OTP, 1 writing and 1 painting/drawing challenge...it is up to you wether you have a go at them all or just pick out a couple to try......you have two weeks to complete them and email them to me so i can put them up on the blog.....entries close midnight on the 17th of july....the judging will take place on monday the 18th and winners announced that evening......i will post the prizes up on the blog later this week...ok so let's get crackin'

scrap challenge one: bringing back the colour!.....winter time can be so grey and boring with the cold weather and often more rain than sunshine...so for this challenge let cheer ourselves up with lots and lots of colour! create a layout about anything you like but you must have at least four or more different colours on your page with one of them being yellow....we have to have some sunshine after all....lol!

scrap challenge two: i am feeling a little "aussie" challenge coming on...want to give it a go????... Lets use our aussie flag as inspiration to create our next layout....use the colours red, white and blue and add some stars and/or stripes!

OTP challenge: a green earth challenge...lol...i know i have done a recycle challenge with you all before but everyone came up with such great ideas that i just had to do it again....recycle something and turn it into something beautiful and new....you could decorate boxes, jars, tins, old books, photos frames...anything at all you can find....decorate it and let us know what you will use it for now!

painting/drawing challenge: getting to know you challenge.... tell me something about yourself with a picture instead of words....draw or paint a picture of something or someone you love or means a lot to you....or even something you love to do.....it could be anything at all really as long as you love it, i am sure we will too!

writing challenge: a stretch of your imagination challenge.....for this one please write a story with these three elements in it....1. something magical (there could be a witch, wizard, a werewolf etc etc or just strange things going on), 2. an animal needs to be in your story somewhere...it could be one of the characters or just mentioned once or twice....and finally 3. have a member of your family in your story too! i hope these ideas get your imagination stirring.....

ok there you have it....get creating everyone but most of all have some fun!!!!
if you have any questions email me here i will be happy to help you out :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

sneaky peak!!

this month's class is being created by the extremely talented Ali and i am so looking forward to doing this class with everyone....so because i am a cheeky bugger and i LOVE to torment you all...here is the first page for our class on july 17th....if your really, really nice to me i might just show you some more very soon....LOL.... isn't it just gorgeous!!! you will need two 6x4 photos for this page girls....one is portrait and one landscape...both have also been cropped!

stay tuned for more!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stewart house rocks!!!

last week two of ethan's teachers took ethan and his classmates to stay at stewart house in sydney for a few days ...well they had an absolute ball!! going to so many great places....my thanks go out to john and karen for creating this wonderful experience for the kids and to stewart house themselves for giving the kids such an awesome week to remember!! so here is just a few pics.... everyone on the steps of stewart house...

ethan takes a ferry ride....

not sure where this is...but it is an awesome pic.... this is one of my favs though...totally can picture it as a "what the???" moment!

what an unreal view!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's Blast off!!!!

here is the blast off kit for july designed by Krissy that Ali will use to create pages for us all....How AWESOME is it!!!! i LOVE it!!!!!! ok so i am a little excited.....LOL! the kit contains the following: 6 cardstock, 4 pattern papers, 1 journalling spots sheet, 1 alpha and accessories sheet, 2 ribbons, 1 bakers twine, 3 chippy cogs, 1 large MVB doiley, 1 pack of matching MVB's, 3 flag pins, 3 mini MVB doileys...the kit also has 1 alien critter and 1 rainbow trim that isn't shown in the photo......we are going to have so much fun with this kit..i just can't wait!!!!
ok so now you need to do your bit girls and let me know if you would like to come to the class on July 17th or purchase the kit with full instructions....please let me know ASAP...the deadline is july 1st....i hope you can make it girls or even join in with us by purchasing a kit and instructions for yourself cause i just know this class is going to be amazing!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

July designer

the gorgeous Ali Abernethy has graciously agreed to be our July guest designer! i am so excited to have Ali do this for my classes as she is one very talented scrapper....i know you will love her creations as much as i do...we are in for one very fun class ladies...Ali will be creating our class for us using a kit created by Krissy at wicked princesses from the awesome Bo Bunny range "Blast off"....i will be posting a pic of the kit very soon so when you check it out if you are interested in either attending the class or buying the kit with the class instructions...please email me asap to book or spot or kit....

keep watching this space for more exciting updates!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

guest designers!

over the next few months i am organising guest designers for my classes and class kits....i thought it was time to learn some new tricks and styles so i am asking some very talented scrappy friends to share their talent with us....so who will they be???? what will they create for us???? i love a little mystery don't you...LOL....hey if you are interested in being one yourself...email me a bit about yourself and maybe a page or a link to your blog .

the first AWESOME guest designer is all set and i will tell you about her very soon...you are going to love her and her work!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

speaking of retreats!

last weekend i had the pleasure of being at the WICKED PRINCESSES retreat in brissy and OMG i had an absolute ball! i got to spend time with a wonderful bunch of ladies meeting many for the first time IRL....of course i had a great travel buddy in Sandy and a hostess with the absolute mostess in Krissy. oh and i simply can not forget to mention the check out chick to beat all check out chicks Krissy's gorgeous mum Lynette and our awesome bus driver Sir Otto ( don't worry Al i am sticking with "what happens on the bus stays on the bus"...LOL)..it truly was a great weekend and i can't wait to do it all again!!!
these few layouts are from the retreat using wicked princess kits and the challenges from the retreat! for fairy wishes i used the blue bird kit ....i just added the thickers and the prima butterfly.

for these next four pages i used the awesome park days kit...i LOVED this one and used up every little bit i could...LOL...i LOVE LOVE LOVE the fimo creatures krissy creates, so i just had to add a little lady bug here...it's so cute!!!

my very own little DJ at vincent's 21st...hehehehe i love this photo!

my very own nine year old....god she is growing up way to damn fast!

yep well it is all about Mary...ethan just adores Mary...so glad to be welcoming her to our family very soon...xx :)

ok Peta and Kate please don't faint but i used GLIMMERMIST!!! i know it's a miracle...think i might have been converted over the weekend...LOL!!!

i used part of my girly goodies pack for this goofy group shot from chantelle's luau.

not alot of pages created i guess but i was just having too much damn fun to concentrate...lol!

thanks for looking


Friday, June 3, 2011


ok i have two possible dates for the retreat .....february 24th-26th or March 9th - 11th (bare in mind with this one that easter is only about 3 weeks later).....let me know your preference and majority will rule.....my pick is the Feb date.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

decisions to be made.

hi girls....i have been thinking and starting to plan my retreat for next year and want to know what would interest you all the most.....would you prefer the retreat be cheaper and you receive a goodie bag...basically a kit, challenges and your food and drink included in the price for the weekend then you would bring you own gear or shop while there ???? OR would you like it to be similar to last year where you recieved the large pizza box full of goodies, papers, cardstock, challenges etc plus all food and drink???? just something to think about...please let me know here in the comments section or email me direct if you prefer....any other suggestions you may have will be taken on board as well.

i would love to start promoting the retreat so some decisions have to be made and i woule LOVE your input.

chat soon
jules xxx
PS will be back with some scrappy shares later today :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

chan turns 9!

on the 1st of may my gorgeous chantelle turned 9 and we celebrated Luau style. she LOVED the coconut cups we were able to get for all her party guests..... plus they all got this grovvy little tote bag, necklace, bookmark, notebook
and goodies....

her large cupcake birthday cake was a little on the dodgy side but once it was iced you couldn't tell...LOL... Merv piped the cake for me...it turned out ok....i think he did a good job...don't you???

ebony had a ball......she ditched her grass skirt after we played dunkin for ducks cause she was soaked! lol....

chan was just a little bit happy about her monster high doll!!

we played dunkin for duckies...where the kids had 30 seconds to use their mouth only to grab as many ducks from the container of water as they could....god they loved this one...it was such a crack up....very hard to get pics ...got lots and lots of head shots...lol....here is a couple i did manage of ethan though....

all in all we had a great day with wonderful friends and great weather to top it all off!!