Tuesday, January 26, 2010

one wicked page!!

here is my page for one of the challenges from the Wicked Princesses CC which is still on girls...you have until tommorrow night to get your layouts in so go check it out!! anyway this is my layout for the sketch challenge....i have used some my little shoe box papers and HS felt butterflies that i got from Peta at SFS...and some Krissy flowers!!!
i just had to show you a close up of the flowers and butterflies cause well i just LOVE them!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

sunday scrapping!

after my class yesterday the girls asked if they could have a scrap while everything was set up so i thought why not!! maybe i'll get a page done too finally!!!hehehehe so we scrapped.....the girls decided that they really liked my "our fishy" page that i created using the scrap the girls january sketch so they copied it adding their own little touches along the way and they asked me to share them with you all.....the only thing i did was cut the paper pieces as i had to do them from some scraps...they just had to use the same papers too after all...hehehehe....so here they are.... chantelle's scraplift...she did a great job and loved sorting through the flowers and getting them just right...she also added the bling in her own pattern.....i think you did an AWESOME JOB sweetie!!!
Ebony's scraplift...i can't believe she didn't put flowers on it!!!hehehehe the girl is addicted to them but then again she was dying to get onto the next layout....ebony ended up doing 3 pages!!!

ebony calls this one her "best uncle's ever" page.....hehehe..she cut out the dinosaurs and trees herself...and yes i am totally bias but i think her cutting is getting heaps better ...she is only 4 after all...hehehe.....
for eb's last page (she took the photo herself..she is a big girl you know...hehehe) she just had to use flowers for Izzy..."it is a girly page you know mum!"......nothing else was good enough and please note they had to be some of krissy's flowers cause they are " the bestest and prettiest, thank you very much!!" ...hehehehe...and she is right about Krissy's flowers...i LOVE them too!!!! but this girl is getting way to fussy with her scrap stuff...gone are the days where i could pass off the stuff i don't like...hehehehe....she wants the good stuff!! hehehehehe...i might have to give her some chores to earn some money to get her own flowers i think...at this rate i won't have any left to play with....hehehehehehe..... the cheeky bugger!!!!!!!!!
i did manage one page...it is the sketch challenge for the Wicked princesses CC..i just have to add some journalling and then i'll take a pic and show you all........it is a quick easy page but the sketch was awesome and i just had to do it...i am really happy with it and had fun finally scrapping after trying to get to it all weekend!!! hehehehe...
chat again soon ....xxxxx

Sunday, January 24, 2010

what's happening???

hey there...so what are you up to this weekend??? me i am scrapping for the cybercrop at wicked princesses after i teach a class today...if you haven't checked it out yet you still have plenty of time to do some of the awesome challenges...the deadline for completeing the challenges is midnight on wednesday the 27th...so go for it girls....get scrapping....

i have also been checking out heaps of the new paper ranges being released soon....god there are so many beautiful new ranges coming out!!! i think i need to rob a bank but shhhh don't tell anyone ok....hehehehehehe.....i am hopeing to maybe have a little bit for the retreat but if not i have a huge list of up coming stuff to use for classess...we are in for a great ..oh i'd say at least 6 months worth of classes just off my list so far,.....hehehe...i think i better stop looking soon or my computer won't work from all the drool it is copping!!!

speaking of the retreat don't forget those of you coming to my retreat to keep an eye on the blog...lots of things are being posted on their all the time now....some sneaks peaks will be posted there soon too!!!

well i guess i should stop chatting and actually get ready for my class....catch ya soon girls!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

oh so much to talk about!!!

hey there everyone...i have so much to tell you about.....i have to start blogging more often....

first up i wanted to let you all know that there is an awesome cybercrop coming up at wicked princesses starting this friday night so make sure you head on over and check out the fun!!.if you haven't registered there yet then get a wriggle on girls cause it is a wonderful place with a beautiful bunch of girls to inspire you with their creativity...and like true princesses we can chat up a storm!!! hahahaha....Krissy is now the proud new owner of WP and she is doing a fantastic job...so get on over there girls and check things out!!! while you are there check out the cool kits krissy has in the shop...they are awesome ......i just know you'll love them!!
click on the word wicked above and it will take you where you need to go!!

here is a mix of class and challenge pages...i apologise for the quality of the pics...for some reason every photo i took yesterday was really blurry????
"Our Fishy" was created using the scrap the girls/ SFS challenge sketch for january...i have used only scraps from this months class to create the layout.....the papers are MME "colourful christmas"
i just fell totally in love with these pearls...i LOVE the colours.....there are from a pack i brought from scrapboutique that have 4 rows of pearls and 2 rows of bling....awesome value!!! this class page is of my gorgeous ethie with his toothy grin christmas morning...the hat stayed on long enough for the photo and that was it!! hehehehehe.....more MME papers here....at the class you can choose to use the christmas side of the paper as i have or use the bright colours on the back......most of the papers are double sided this month so you can choose which side you want to use...cool hey!!
this layout is what happens when another idea just doesn't work out....i was doing something completely different with this but when it didn't work out this is what i came up with instead and i really like it!! now i just need a title to go in that cut out circle area and i'm all set!! hahahahaha....it is chantelle and ethan at the special children's chrissy party a couple of years ago dancing up a storm!!! i used October Afternoon "very merry" papers for this and the rest of my layouts!
my Sis-in-law Lill haming it up for me christmas day....i just had to scrap this pic of Lill cause i was so happy with how it turned out....a gorgeous smile from a wonderful lady!
this layout is the girls pics in their hats christmas morning...i just fell in love with the gingerbread papers from OA this year....i just love them...this one still needs a title too!!
last but definately not least is this layout of my cutie ebony with her dora twin babies that santa gave her.....she is soooo in love with them.....well for short bursts of time anyway....she has loads of babies and has to share the love around so i am told!! hahahaha...and don't worry she still asks for more!!!
apart from finally getting to do a bit of scrapping i have been checking out goodies for the scrap frenzy retreat....i have updated the retreat blog with a bit more info for you all so check it out....oh and reading a few books..i have read 10 since the start of the year so i am off to a good start....hehehehehe....i told you i am totally addicted!!!!
oh i almost forgot....you are all invited to my house for a STAMPIN UP demo on sunday the 31st of january at 10.30am...come over for a cuppa and check out their awesome range of products....if you can't make it but would like to check out a catalogue then just let me know and i'll organise it for you!!

one last pic for you.....we had a yummy chocolate cake as a belated happy birthday for julie on sunday....i hope you had a wonderful birthday jules and that you are feeling better really, really soon!! julie was not well but scrapped like a true champ at class on sunday ...you go girl!!!!!
ok i am off to strangle a couple of kids....whoops i'm not suppose to tell am i....shhhh don't tell anyone on me will you.....hahahahahahaha....don't ya just love school hols when your stuck at home and the kids decide that everything they own even their new stuff from christmas is too boring now to play with......9 more days...thats all i keep thinking just 9 more days!!!!!!!hahahahaha...
have a great day everyone..
chat soon

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


finally i have time to wish you all a very happy new year....i sincerely hope that 2010 is all you hope it to be!!

looking back at 2009 for me there was good and bad times but all of them in the end only made me stronger i am sure.....i re-discovered my love for reading and am totally hooked on it again....if you have checked out my "read while i'm alive" blog you would have seen the slowly rising list of books i read during the year.... my total at the years end was a massive 112 different books read!!! woohoo i am lovin that!!! because i actually read some of them a few times...some i just had to read again and again ...hehehehehe......i actually read 139 books!!! woohoo!!!!! i have read 2 so far this year already..hehehehe......it would seem i am developing my own little library ...at least you all know where to come if you need a good book....hehehehehe.....i have to give a huge shout out of thanks to kate, karen B and my mum ...kate for putting me onto Nora Roberts who has become a major fav of mine and to Karen for putting me onto JR Ward and her black dagger brotherhood...oh my god how yummy are they!!!! drool drool drool...hehehehehe.....i think they might be my absolute fav for the year, to my gorgeous mum who put me onto Kresley Cole...another awesome story teller with totally addictive books...so can't wait for her new books this year!!!.....another fav would be Sherrilyn Kenyon's dark hunter series that the gorgeous girls at Rendezvous bookshop put me onto...awesome stories and yummy hotties to boot!!! i am kicking the new year off with KM moning's highlander series..another reccommendation from the girls at Rendezvous that is spot on!! awesome books girls...xxx

ok enough about my book addiction...hehehehehe....as far as scrapping goes...there are some changes in the wind to do with shut up and scrap but i am keeping them under my hat for the time being...still mulling some bits and pieces over but i'll let you all know soon i promise.....as for scrapping personally i have decided to make an album all about me this year as a keepsake for my kids....each month i will add a couple of pages to it ....some will be about things i/we did and some just about things i was thinking about or give them insight into the me they are yet to know.....i would love to have some of you do one along with me...what do you think??? want to join in the fun....as i go along i will let you know what i am doing and maybe even ask for you for some page/challenge ideas....it could be fun....you challenging me for a change...want a bit of revenge girls????hehehehehehe.....i'll post my cover page for you all soon!

i will be updating the retreat blog with some info very soon too girls.....for those of you coming along we have just under 12 weeks to go!!! WOOHOO!!!! i can't wait....it will be so awesome.....i am counting in weeks cause that makes the time seem shorter....hehehehe...if you count in months it just feels soooooooo much longer.....hehehe....

the classes for this month are on the 17th and 24th so PLEASE book in ASAP if you would like to come along or purchase the kit as my numbers will be very limited this month as compared to normal classes.....as always the cost is $55 of paid on the day and $50 if pre-paid.....the pages are christmas themed but i am using non traditional colours so you coule really do any photos you wish....oh just email and book in girls....you're going to love them i promise!!!

ok i am off to grammies with the kids for a sleepover...should be interesting...if i don't go soon they will drive me insane ...they have had their bags packed since 7.30 this morning naggin me to get going.....i was still drinking my cuppa trying to wakw up and they wanted to go...god grammie wuld have loved that!!! hehehehehe.....

have a great day everyone.....chat soon!!!