Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chan's turn!!

well my big girl did get her plasters of in time to dance in the big end of year concert and she was absolutely thrilled about it!!! Chan in her very pink jazz costume for her "I feel pretty" Dance....this pic was taken after the concert so things were a little worse for wear by then but she's still a cutie...yeah yeah i know...i am totally bias!
little miss poser chantelle in her Tap costume already to do her thing to "shake"
the concert went well.... i think my girl did a great job considering she was only out of leg plasters 3 days prior to the concert and she was still very stiff and sore...nothing was going to stop her from having a go though which made us very very proud!!
oh and of course i just had to show you a close up of the makeup cause that's important don't you know!! god help me when she gets older!!!!!!!!!!!!
just a quick post today....i have so much to share with you all and try to explain why i haven't been around...not feeling like much of a friend at the moment....i am so so very sorry.....i hope to make it up to you all very soon....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, November 25, 2010

making lemonade!

so do you know that old saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade"??? well i am afraid our life has been full of a lot of lemons lately which is why i seemed to drop off the face of the earth.....but instead of getting on here and venting and being a sook i am going to make some lemonade and show you some of the good things that have happened around everything else.....
first up we have miss ebony dressed for her dance concert....last weekend was a practice as well as photo day the following day with the real concert being on this weekend.....this is her jazz costume for "Locomotion"
this is her Tap costume for her "Broadway Baby" tap is so cute!!! yeah i know i am totally Bias.....chantelle was in plasters still last weekend so couldn't do hers but the plasters are off now and she is very excited to be getting her turn this weekend...i'll share some pics of her then...

next up we have chantelle and ethan with santa at the special children's christmas party last wednesday...we had a great night...we could all harldy move when we left we were all so buggered but it was so, so worth it!!! my hat goes off to all those workers and volunteers who make the party possible every year...they do an awesome job and it is always a fantastic night for the kids.....

in amoungst the hectic stuff around here in did have a november class with the awesome "Splash Dance" range from was so good to create with...i had a ball with it!!! here are the four single page and one double page layout i came up with...... i love this flook of a photo taken at taronga zoo of this very happy penguin so much that it just had to be scrapped....i have also used the awesome I-Rock and some twiklers dust on this layout!

i had fun with this page fringe cutting the matting paper then rolling the edges was fiddly but fun and so worth it i think???? i gave the I-Rock a spin again too....slowly becoming addicted to it....LOL...i can see myself using it heaps! yes i did it again!!! LOL...i I-Rocked the circles on this simple double page layout....i kept the papers sinple so that the photos and bling would stand out more....merv and the kids had a great time buliding castles when we went to crescent head january you think ethan was happy?????
unfortunately the photo of this page is just didn't photograph well at is on bubble bazzill which i rubbed over with blue chalk just to slightly high light the attempt at seaweed was funny but hey it doesn't look to bad..insert rolling eyes here......casey is the leopard seal at taronga zoo...he is so gorgeous...we watched him for ages.....
speaking of not photographing well....when we went on the dolphin curise for ebonys birthday i had an awful time trying to get photos but if you look really, really hard you might see some...LOL.... this last page of ebony and myself being silly was made from some left over Petal Pushers papers from a previous class....i think i used a krissy sketch from wicked for this too....
thanks for stopping by and putting up with such a long post....
chat soon
jules xxxx

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


this is how i am spending my weekend about you???? the CC's at Wicked princesses are always amazing and i just KNOW this one will be too so make sure you don't miss out on all the fun!!! come on over and join us!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

yeah i scrapped!!!!!

here are a few pages i did on saturday that are for my class next sunday....i have used the gorgeous Bo Bunny "Sunkissed" range...i LOVE these bright papers!the colours haven't photographed the best because of poor lighting but you get the idea....just bear in mind the colours are brighter and clearer than they appear here..... miss ebony going for a walk along crescent head beach....just a little stroll....
ethan and ebony splashing in the creek at crescent head...they LOVE the creek!!
the cute miss ebony have'n some fun ......i love that happy little smile!

my gorgeous little ethie man after a play under the sprinklers....soggy wet nappy and all!! ethan and i being just a little bit cheeky at the park.....
this is a quick but i think effective double page layout of crescent head...our trip there in 09 was like going home for just felt so right....i know that probably doesn't make sense but i felt like my dad was on my shoulder the whole time...we just had a great time...looking forward to being able to take the kids back there again some day.....sorry the photo is so dark it does look a lot nicer IRL..... my very cheeky ebony having a swim at kate's inlaws...she loved those silly goggles!!!lol....
well that's it for now...i seem to have finally got the scrappin' bug back so i am sure i'll be back soon...thanks for stopping by
jules xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, October 1, 2010

wow what a day!!!

we had an absolutely awesome day at taronga zoo yesterday...we are all very tired and i personally have definately found some muscles i forgot i had...LOL...but it was so worth it to see my kids so happy! here are a few of the 121 pics i took ....some were hard to get from behind the glass but most didn't turn out too bad....i was really surprised at how close you did get to go to some of the was just an awesome day!!!! i love this penguin pic...a total flook of a pic that turned out great!
meet Casey the leopard cute is he?.....

a quick pose pic for the girls!!!
the merecats...... how awesome is this tiger pic...we love tigers and this one was so beautiful...he was parading around the front of his enclosure...right up to the glass which made for awesome pics!!...just look at those gorgeous eyes!! the elephants were so cute too!!! this is as close to the gorillas as we got all day...every time we went to check them out they went inside for some reason.....bugger it!!! oh well ethan had some fun for this pic....
i loved the gorgeous zebras..... another flooky pic...this cameleon was getting a little hose down from his keeper and i managed to grab a pic! i love the effect of the water splashes....
god i LOVED seeing the giraffes this close up....they are such a beautiful animal....i went a little pic crazy with them but i just love them!!!!
ok so this weekend i am hopeing to get back to my gorgeous friends at sorry for being such a slack on line friend girls....i'll be back soon....god help ya!!! PMSL.....see ya soon xxxxx

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


that has been my daily mantra for the past week and a half...i will survive!!! LOL.... it has been a very very busy time but lots of fun stuff thrown in there too!!!
on thursday i went with ebony on her pre school's excursion to hunter valley zoo and i was so upset when my camera decided not to work...we had such a great time patting all sorts of animals....we patted charlie the wombat, bazil the koala, kangaroos, lizards and baby crocs and i have not one single photo of it all...i am so NOT HAPPY about that one JAN!!!!!!!!!!

anyway here's some pics for you.....first up we have chantelle on the last day of school receiving her "keys to success" badge and award ...this award is a big deal and celebrates those children who uphold the school is only given out a few times a year.....we are so proud of our girl right now!!!!!

she was very happy about it and surprised that we knew and she didn't...i told her that was the point....she had to be surprised....hehehehe....
on saturday we had a fairy and superheros birthday party for ebony with her pre school friends......we even had rainbows the fairy come and entertain the kids!..we all had a ball.....
my two fairies and ben10 ready to party......
rainbows was awesome....she did some great magic that had the kids in fits of laughter..... and some singing...well i think thats what you would have called was a little doubtful!!! PMSL..... check out this totally awesome cake made for Eb by is so cool....and we all absolutely loved it!!!!! it was not only gorgeous but SO yummy!!!! thank so so much penny...your awesome!!!! rainbows made balloon animals.....
she did small face paintings...ethan opted for a ben 10 watch.....and
most of the girls opted for arm bands.......they played heaps of fun games then we tried for a group shot....LOL....i did say try! hehehehe
ebony and rainbows...... ethan loved rainbows too...... then on monday which was ebony's actual birthday we went to nelson bay and went on a dolphin cruise....for a while there i didn't think we were going to see any but finally we photos aren't great cause i had camera issues but at least we kind of got just have to look really wer joined by fanily and freinds and we went for picnic lunch and a swim after...all the kids had ball and it was so GREAT to catch up with Kate, brielle, declan and izzy....xxxxx..... ebony wasn't real fussed about getting her photo taken with "splash" the dolphin..can you chantelle and my niece sharna on the other hand loved him!!!
wow sorry about the huge post but so much easier to do it all at once.....i'll be back for sure with more soon as we are going to taronga zoo for the day tommorrow...enjoy your day girls and thanks for stopping by.....xxxxxxx

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

two more!!

check these out are two more gorgeous layouts from krissy for our sunkissed class this month.....

we are going to have so much who's ready to scrap 7 pages???? i know i am..... woohoo i can't wait !!!