Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chan's turn!!

well my big girl did get her plasters of in time to dance in the big end of year concert and she was absolutely thrilled about it!!! Chan in her very pink jazz costume for her "I feel pretty" Dance....this pic was taken after the concert so things were a little worse for wear by then but she's still a cutie...yeah yeah i know...i am totally bias!
little miss poser chantelle in her Tap costume already to do her thing to "shake"
the concert went well.... i think my girl did a great job considering she was only out of leg plasters 3 days prior to the concert and she was still very stiff and sore...nothing was going to stop her from having a go though which made us very very proud!!
oh and of course i just had to show you a close up of the makeup cause that's important don't you know!! god help me when she gets older!!!!!!!!!!!!
just a quick post today....i have so much to share with you all and try to explain why i haven't been around...not feeling like much of a friend at the moment....i am so so very sorry.....i hope to make it up to you all very soon....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx