Saturday, March 6, 2010

interesting morning!

our quiet day at home took a very interesting turn early this morning when my darling Ebony decided to sit under our dining room table with my scrap scissors and give herself a haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this first photo sort of shows it off but the next two show the side views are much better.....
she did a good job didn't she????

yep definately had a good time with my scrap scissors!
so after a quick trip to our hairdresser Ashley, she now has a very shaggy's not too bad but you can't really see here how shaggy and uneven it is....god love it i could have strangled her!!! we decided a shaggy bob was better for growing back out then a short back and sides would have been...oh well a couple of haircuts down the track she'll have a nice short bob i guess...the little bugger!!! LOL