Tuesday, November 4, 2008

secret santa!!

woohoo it is nearly that time of year again when the jolly big man comes down the chimey spreading happiness all the way.....so i need to know those people who would like to join in our secret santa this year???? our cyber friends are VERY welcome to join in as well...this is not just for my local girls......so please email me asap to let me know if you are wanting to join in!

basically what happens is i will draw out the names of those joining in and email you who you are buying a small scrappy gift for this christmas.....spending NO more than $15.....for the local girls these will be given out at our chrissy party on the 14th of december.....for the girls who are out of town....i will post them out from that day...and i will reinburse you for posting your gift to me for your person....

if you have any questions about this please just email me and i will help you out

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