Saturday, June 13, 2009

class info

well i had fun grabbing class stuff at pete's yesterday...we have done up some awesome packs...i have 11 all up so be sure to book your spot quickly as these will go fast...i will be posting photo requirements soon and i will email each booked in person individually with the pack we have choosen for them and the types of photos that will best suit it!......i will design the pages ( i have done some already) then you will re-create them using your'll will be able to vary the papers to what you want to use depending on the papers in your pack....individuality here we come!!!

i can tell you that layout 1 requires a 5x7 landscape photo and layout 2 uses a portrait photo it can be either a 6x4 (thats what i have used) or a 5x7...up to you!!!
i'll let you know more soon!!

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