Wednesday, September 29, 2010


that has been my daily mantra for the past week and a half...i will survive!!! LOL.... it has been a very very busy time but lots of fun stuff thrown in there too!!!
on thursday i went with ebony on her pre school's excursion to hunter valley zoo and i was so upset when my camera decided not to work...we had such a great time patting all sorts of animals....we patted charlie the wombat, bazil the koala, kangaroos, lizards and baby crocs and i have not one single photo of it all...i am so NOT HAPPY about that one JAN!!!!!!!!!!

anyway here's some pics for you.....first up we have chantelle on the last day of school receiving her "keys to success" badge and award ...this award is a big deal and celebrates those children who uphold the school is only given out a few times a year.....we are so proud of our girl right now!!!!!

she was very happy about it and surprised that we knew and she didn't...i told her that was the point....she had to be surprised....hehehehe....
on saturday we had a fairy and superheros birthday party for ebony with her pre school friends......we even had rainbows the fairy come and entertain the kids!..we all had a ball.....
my two fairies and ben10 ready to party......
rainbows was awesome....she did some great magic that had the kids in fits of laughter..... and some singing...well i think thats what you would have called was a little doubtful!!! PMSL..... check out this totally awesome cake made for Eb by is so cool....and we all absolutely loved it!!!!! it was not only gorgeous but SO yummy!!!! thank so so much penny...your awesome!!!! rainbows made balloon animals.....
she did small face paintings...ethan opted for a ben 10 watch.....and
most of the girls opted for arm bands.......they played heaps of fun games then we tried for a group shot....LOL....i did say try! hehehehe
ebony and rainbows...... ethan loved rainbows too...... then on monday which was ebony's actual birthday we went to nelson bay and went on a dolphin cruise....for a while there i didn't think we were going to see any but finally we photos aren't great cause i had camera issues but at least we kind of got just have to look really wer joined by fanily and freinds and we went for picnic lunch and a swim after...all the kids had ball and it was so GREAT to catch up with Kate, brielle, declan and izzy....xxxxx..... ebony wasn't real fussed about getting her photo taken with "splash" the dolphin..can you chantelle and my niece sharna on the other hand loved him!!!
wow sorry about the huge post but so much easier to do it all at once.....i'll be back for sure with more soon as we are going to taronga zoo for the day tommorrow...enjoy your day girls and thanks for stopping by.....xxxxxxx


Kate said...

hang in there jules you might be able to put your feet up at some stage!! LOL

great photos and your kids look just like you!! very sweet!! xox

Cherie said...

Looks like a great party! Rainbow seems like she had a few talents to keep the kids occupied.

Good to see you have some great new pics to scrap.