Sunday, June 27, 2010

more, more more!!!

it is my kidlets turn to show you their creations for the comp....they all scrapped their pages after my class today....the photography isn't great... the weather was awful by the time they finished but they had to be put up here they are... first up we have chantelle (8) and her "all dressed up" page....she chose not to use the sketch but did use her fav colours of blue and pink with flowers and butterflies....she even had to pen in the butterfly's flight cause "you do that all the time mum"...chantelle even used a Krissy handmade twister rose in the centre of her flowers for her butterlfy to sit on....she had to use the good stuff thank you very much!! it is beautiful did a fantastic job!!
can you guess ebony's fav colour??? LOL.....i helped her cut her paper but she placed it on her page after very close study of the sketch...hehehehe....she put her paper flowers through the cuttlebug to "pretty them up more" then stuck them all around and added bling for centres...she chose her title of "ebony loves krissy" herself and just got me to point out the right letters...way to go gorgeous is perfectly pink and pretty! (chantelle tried to argue with me that i must have done the big flowers cause it is layered but i DID NOT...ebony has seen us all do it so often it was the first thing she did with them...pmsl...she even said "krissy would be proud of that don't you think mummy?")

my Man ethan had a quick go to with his "footy star" page....choosing blue for his colour and stars which he cut out with the cuttlebug.he had SO much fun!!!.very quick but oh so cute...good boy for having a go!!
keep them coming kids...i am LOVIN all these awesome creations!
(i have pages of my own to post but i will hold off for a while as i want the kids pages to shine and not be mixed amoungst other posts....)


Ali said...

Wow all the LO entered so far are awesome - so many talented kids - good luck with the judging Kate :)

phatassphairy said...

very groovy stuff the twist of the stars on the challenge from the boys ...i am going to take a little inspiration for this and maybe you can share my thanks with your Ethan and Hayden for the mojo flare ;)