Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 recap!

better late than never i guess...LOL..

well 2010 was certainly a mix of emotions but we all have those from time to time....some highlights were definately:
*the girls starting and loving dance classes...i was finally able to give them an activity of their own outside of school that they could share with their friends...they just love it and i think they did great in their first dance concert too...yeah yeah i know i am totally bias...hehehehe
* ethan made such huge improvements with his reading, writing and speech...he is growing up so much it's getting a little scary....ethan and his class mates performed a beautiful dance at the schools world expo...making lots of mums (not just me for a change) cry happy tears! keep it up my big man!!
*chantelle had to go through quite a few different treatments for her CP over the year but handled it all in her stride 98% of the time...i am very proud of her and the way she just gets on with things...
*ebony had a great year at preschool and is more than ready for big school...bring on feb 3rd i say!!! LOL....
* i loved joining in the fun at Wicked Princesses...there is a wonderful bunch of ladies over there chatting and supporting each other....thank you to you all for welcoming me and i am honoured to be able to call you all my friends!
*speaking of my friends here at home and my email buddies THANK YOU so so much for all your friendship and support..i value you all so much...i hope you all realise just how much....
* IN 2010 I read 170 books and loved at least 165 of them so thats pretty good averages wouldn't you say...LOL....i am on my 7th so far for 2011 ...i love to escape wih a little bit of reading..ok understatement...alot of reading....but what sanity i actually have left is definately a result of good friends and escapeing regularly with a great book!
as a lot of you know my 2010 didn't end with wonderful news and the news we received leaves a very dark cloud over my 2011 but I AM NOT GOING TO focus on only that cloud and i am going to stay strong and positive..I AM, I AM, I AM...occasionally i need to remind myself but i am getting better...thanks again for all your well wishes for my brother.

ok i am definately getting way too deep and meaningful here so ia m going to bugger off but i'll be back very soon with my january class pages and some other challenge pages .....xxxxxx

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Kate said...

what a memorable year for you Jules, you are such a reading machine!! hope 2011 brings you lots of love and luck :) xox