Monday, April 25, 2011

lest we forget!

on this day i want to say THANK YOU...the words seem so little but they are said with all my our servicemen past and present and to their families whose sacrifice is often forgotten.....

i read a book by Lora Leigh recently and she wrote this inside the front rang true in my heart and i thought today was a good day to share it.

"In memory of those who can never come home.

The Warriors, the men and women whose courage and determination, whose loyalty and dedication to their country demanded the ultimate sacrifice.

My prayers for your loved ones, your wives, parents, children, and friends are whispered nightly. My dream that your sacrifice was not in vain is an ever-present thought.

Your blood was precious, your laughter is missed, and your dreams, though not realized, will never be forgotten.

You are the ultimate heroes, and your precious light will shine forever in the minds, the hearts, and the lives of freedom you have provided for us.

May heaven hold you in its embrace, as we shall always hold you in our hearts."


well said lora....xxxx

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