Saturday, March 22, 2008

more kids comp entries

well i have been trying all weekend to get some scrapping done but still haven't got there! but my beautiful kids have!!!! i am sooooo proud cause ethan did his first page today!! yeah i finally got did he want to do things himself!!! he did really well , just needed a bit of help with the flower punch he decided to is new so a litlle stiff still....but he chose the photo he wanted , the punch and the paper! soooooo proud!i did xyron his flowers for him to kill the glue stress!!!!! as for chantelle well she always has an idea in mind before she starts .....she had her first go at doodling today and loved making different patterns with a glitter gel pen...she also had to do journalling, i just had to write it down for her first so she could copy it from there but the words are her own.....she wrote" my favourite thing is my big brother ethan"..she chose to do her big brother for her favourite things page..."just cause i love him so he is my favourite thing" i could have cried!!! yeah, yeah i know i am a sook!!!!!! sorry about the picture is not a great day outside for taking clear photos but i think you can see them well enough!!

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Kate said...

Totally gorgeous, the kiddies did a great job!!