Sunday, May 25, 2008

boutique kids comp

well my girls scrapped today after my class for the boutique kids comp!! the theme this month is circles!!!ebony used small plastic discs for her circles then of course added have to have flowers on your page or your doing it wrong!! or so i was told today when her big sister tried to tell her she didn't have to use flowers on every page she does...she was told very strongly that you do is not right if you don't!!!!! i'm telling you i wouldn't agrue with her about flowers....a lesson has been learnt here today!!! hahaha....
chantelle scrap lifted from mummy and the ladies today....she created a journalling book and added emmas photo to it...for her circles she punched out circles then drew around them to turn them into balloons!!! inside her book she has written" emma is my friend" she trimmed everything today on her own trimmer she got for her birthday and i am happy to say she is getting really good at it!!! she evn thought of the title herself!!! well done my are such clever scrappers

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Krissy C said...

Awwww these LO's by Chantelle and Ebony are grogeous!!

You know I can never have too many flowers!!!

Bravo for the little scrappers!!