Friday, May 30, 2008

expressions of interest!!!

i have been aproached about doing a kids is an idea i have been thinking about for a while but am unsure wether there really is interest in a monthly kids let me know what you think???? would you be intertested in bringing your child and if so what day, saturday or sunday would suit you best???? please bear in mind that the classes will have to cost a minimum of $10 per child....occasionally it might be a little less but if you keep that cost in your mind then you will be can either let me know what you are thinking by leaving a comment on the blog or email me directly..........

i will be running at least two kids classes during the next school holidays, maybe more depending on the need, at this stage there will be one in the middle of each week of the hols.......details will be posted on the blog a little closer to the keep an eye out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kate said...

Hi Jules,

I am happy to leave the kids classes for the school hols, they get enough "them" time already lol...just my opinion though!