Saturday, May 9, 2009

chantelle's birthday!

my beautiful girl turned 7 on the that has gone sooooooooo fast! anyway here are a couple of photos from her actual birthday...i'll post some party pics later as i haven't fixed them up she is trying to open her parcel from aunty shelly , uncle graeme, bronte and cooper...she was so excited cause to use her words..." they never forget about me do they mum...oh i love them".....

here i tried to catch her scream over the hannah craft set (seem i completely missed the one for the pj's) they sent her but my camera being my camera i ended up with just the kiss...hhahahahaha....

chantelle loves the drawing from her gorgeous cousin cooper on the card envelope...cooper drew all our of her many comments on it and i must admit the one that made me laugh the most was" look daddy cooper drew you skinny but he still made mummy skinnier"...sorry but i had to laugh at that one!!!

ethan and beony gave her a camp rock card that plays a small part of a song but first you can record a little message of your own on eb said "happy birthday chantelle rock!!" check ethie out groovin' along to the song!! god love him he is a fruit loop!
just because they felt like a photo after chantelle tried on her new hannah track suit

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Krissy C said...

Awwwww so gorgeous!!Happy birthday to Princess Chantelle :D I hope she had an awesome day :)

Krissy xx