Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a blind bash!!!

yep you guess right our fourth and final challenge for the bash is a blind challenge put together for you all by is great fun so enjoy girls!!!! i loved through your pages as you get them done but i won't be posting them until next thursday morning so everyone has a chance to do the challenge only from the instructions......

Krissy’s blind scrap challenge for Jules


16.5 x 28cm pp (you can ink all your edges of your papers if you like but its not essential)
23 x 16.5cm pp
27.5 x 6.5cm strip (mine has a decorative edge on one side)
11.5 x 20.5cm pp
Cardstock base
1 x journal block
1 x large flourish
5 x flowers or other embellie in mixed sizes
3 x hearts
1 6x4 photo, 1 3.5 x 4.5 photo and 1 2 x 2.5 inch photo
Stickers for the title and sub title

Step 1: Take your 16.5 x 28cm pp and attach as landscape about 3cm from the top of the card stock.
Step 2: Attach your strip of pp to the LO vertically about 2.5cm from the left edge of your cardstock.
Step 3:Attach your 23 x 16.5cm piece overlapping the two pieces and about 7cm from the top and 5.5cm from the left.
Step 4:Add your 11.5 x 20.5cm piece to the LO centred and about 9.5cm from the top of the LO.
Step 5:Add your 6x4 photo over lapping the pieces from step 3 & 4 on an angle.Layer the second photo in the opposite angle to the bottom right corner and add your smallest photo to the bottom right corner of that photo.
Step 6:Attach your large flourish (or a different large embellie) to the bottom left corner of your biggest photo.
Step 7: Layer 3 of your flowers (or other embellies) and your journal block on the right side of your LO sightly overlapping the two smaller photos.
Step 8: Add 2 more of the flowers to the bottom of the middle photo.
Step 9:Layer your 3 hearts in a cluster just overlapping your large flourish.
Step 10: Add your subtitle to the right side of the largest photo and your main title down the right side edge of the LO
Step 11: Stand back and admire your LO!

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