Wednesday, July 8, 2009

silly me!!!

silly me forgot to tell you when i was posting krissy's gorgeous sketch this morning that Krissy now has a sketch blog...she has it filled with awesome sketches she has created so check it out for some scrappy inspiration!! you'll find it here but also i have put a permanent link at the side of this blog......

the blog is awesome krissy....thanks for sharing your beautiful sketches with us!!!

also i am creating a separate blog for all my family stuff instead of mixing it in with all the scrappy posts....there will be loads of scrappy ones soon so i want to make it less confusing for everyone.....the blog is called herbie nut house! you'll find it here ......i am still working on it but i have posted some pics for those who are interested.....

ooohh and i have been looking around for a spot for our winter wonderland retreat too so i should have some news on that for you all shortly!

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