Sunday, January 24, 2010

what's happening???

hey what are you up to this weekend??? me i am scrapping for the cybercrop at wicked princesses after i teach a class today...if you haven't checked it out yet you still have plenty of time to do some of the awesome challenges...the deadline for completeing the challenges is midnight on wednesday the go for it girls....get scrapping....

i have also been checking out heaps of the new paper ranges being released soon....god there are so many beautiful new ranges coming out!!! i think i need to rob a bank but shhhh don't tell anyone ok....hehehehehehe.....i am hopeing to maybe have a little bit for the retreat but if not i have a huge list of up coming stuff to use for classess...we are in for a great ..oh i'd say at least 6 months worth of classes just off my list so far,.....hehehe...i think i better stop looking soon or my computer won't work from all the drool it is copping!!!

speaking of the retreat don't forget those of you coming to my retreat to keep an eye on the blog...lots of things are being posted on their all the time now....some sneaks peaks will be posted there soon too!!!

well i guess i should stop chatting and actually get ready for my class....catch ya soon girls!!!

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kate said...

LOVING the wp cc!! have been keeping a keen eye on the retreat blog. :D enjoy your class jules, and amen to the new ranges!!