Tuesday, April 20, 2010


ok girls time to put your thinking caps on cause i desparately need some help....chantelle's birthday is fast approaching and we decided to let her have a few friends over for a little party...and yes this time it will be little...anyway ...she was very rapt in "Alice in wonderland " when she watched it a couple of weeks ago and she nearly jumped out of her skin when i said there was a book!!!(which grammie has now gotten her for her birthday) LOL...so me and my big ideas thought that i could maybe do a mad hatters tea party...just little eats like cupcakes, choc crackles, fairy bread, honey joys (cause they are her favs) and make some tea cup bickies...stuff like that....but what would you do for games/party favours etc????? HELP chickies!!!pmsl..
i haven't mentioned this to chantelle yet so i have time to think through wether i can do it or not but i have to send out invites thursday at the lastest cause her birthday is may 1st...god i have to get my act together...LOL.....


Kate said...

dont they play cards in alice? so maybe they could play snap, and old maid etc? you can get the little packs of cards in the party section at woolies?

pin the tail on the rabbit? they could have fluffy cotton balls.

they could play croquet?

Peta said...

i was thinking croquet too kate... and you could get them to decorate hats - mad HATTERS tea party - make up basic hats from cardboard and get them to decorate them... they can have a fashion parade and each get a certificate & prize pack for different things - eg most decorations, best colour, stuning parader.... just some ideas :) hope they help