Saturday, April 3, 2010

Man what a week

this week has been full of migraines, mystery bugs with really high temps, easter picnics and easter parades , internet issues and loads more too boring to mention....that's why i have been missing in action...sorry girls ...i didn't mean to totally disappear straight after the retreat....i am slowly getting back on track.....i have quickly posted on the retreat and nut house blogs this morning and i will be back with more very soon...i just wanted to quickly say hi and i will be back soon.....god i sound like arnie...I"LL BE BACK!!!! LOL.......

oh before i forget there will be only one class available this will be on sunday the 18th of april and we will be using the new "romance" range from Kaszazz...more details soon!!

1 comment:

Kate said...

whew! i thought you might have collapsed with exhaustion jules from the retreat!! you did an amazing job you should be proud of yourself. xox