Saturday, September 4, 2010

OMG Double figures!!

last monday my gorgeous boy Ethan turned 10!! yep hit the big double figures....i can't believe it or maybe i just don't want to believe it....LOL... so his sister's made him a cake....chantelle had a go at writing on it and ebony decorated the edges with jelly babies...

the finished was really really yummy!!

i do think that my boy has watched the karate kid a little too much though...what about you??? recognise the crane move from the movie....he does this before kicking his new totem soccer ball...


Krissy Christie said...

Happy birthday Ethan!! Hope you had an awesome day!

What a gorgeous cake decorated by Chantelle and Ebony clever little chickies :D

hehehe love that photo of the karate kid soccer move lol go Ethan!

Lotsa love
Krissy xx

Kate said...

awww cant believe he is 10 jules!! you look so proud of your little man in that pic of you both together. looks like he had a great celebration for his big day :) xox

Cherie said...

Your girls are so clever decorating the cake Jules.

The birthday boy looks like he had a great day! He does the karate kid move well :)