Sunday, July 17, 2011

the goodness just keeps coming!!

here is some more awesomeness from our little scrappers...first up the colour challenge from Morgan....just how Fabbo is it??? i love it....great job!!! thanks so much for joining in the fun of my little comp honey..xxxx All of the remaining creations in this post are from Hannah...she has had a great time by the looks of it creating amazing let's check them out!

first is hannah's aussie challenge layout of herself on her birthday blowing out the candles on her cake....just gorgeous honey!..xx

this wonderful drawing is of her favourite things...her family, flowers and a butterfly....great stuff i say!

for her OTP creation hannah made an awesome hairties box from an old tea bag box...what a Fabbo idea hannah and you did a fantastic job with looks gorgeous!!... great idea adding the label on the front of the box too!!

last of all but definately not least is a wonderful story complete with drawing to match....i think you did a great job with all the challenges Hannah and i sure hope you had a lot of fun...thanks so much for joining in!

there are a few more entries still coming in so keep watching this space ladies!!

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Buttercup said...

Some very talented young scrappers out there! thank you so much Jules for putting Hannah's pics up there she was SOO thrilled when I showed her them today :D