Saturday, July 2, 2011

holidays boring..... NEVER!!!....LOL

not with this comp around to keep us creating....ok kids let's get this party started shall we?? ......i will put up five challenges for you all to choose from....2 scrap challenges, 1 OTP, 1 writing and 1 painting/drawing is up to you wether you have a go at them all or just pick out a couple to have two weeks to complete them and email them to me so i can put them up on the blog.....entries close midnight on the 17th of july....the judging will take place on monday the 18th and winners announced that evening......i will post the prizes up on the blog later this week...ok so let's get crackin'

scrap challenge one: bringing back the colour!.....winter time can be so grey and boring with the cold weather and often more rain than for this challenge let cheer ourselves up with lots and lots of colour! create a layout about anything you like but you must have at least four or more different colours on your page with one of them being yellow....we have to have some sunshine after!

scrap challenge two: i am feeling a little "aussie" challenge coming on...want to give it a go????... Lets use our aussie flag as inspiration to create our next layout....use the colours red, white and blue and add some stars and/or stripes!

OTP challenge: a green earth know i have done a recycle challenge with you all before but everyone came up with such great ideas that i just had to do it again....recycle something and turn it into something beautiful and could decorate boxes, jars, tins, old books, photos frames...anything at all you can find....decorate it and let us know what you will use it for now!

painting/drawing challenge: getting to know you challenge.... tell me something about yourself with a picture instead of words....draw or paint a picture of something or someone you love or means a lot to you....or even something you love to could be anything at all really as long as you love it, i am sure we will too!

writing challenge: a stretch of your imagination challenge.....for this one please write a story with these three elements in it....1. something magical (there could be a witch, wizard, a werewolf etc etc or just strange things going on), 2. an animal needs to be in your story could be one of the characters or just mentioned once or twice....and finally 3. have a member of your family in your story too! i hope these ideas get your imagination stirring.....

ok there you have it....get creating everyone but most of all have some fun!!!!
if you have any questions email me here i will be happy to help you out :)


Barb Turner said...

Hi Jules :) Miss Lily is working on these now <3

jules said...

awesome Barb! hope you have fun Lily xx