Friday, January 16, 2009


it is true ...i am still around..hahaha......things have been very hectic around here to say the least and time for blogging has been non is true that if i could have put the stephenie meyer books that i was reading down for even a few minutes then i might have been on here earlier but sorry girls she sucked me right into her world of love, vampires and wolfes that i just had to keep much so that i read all four books in the series in just two weeks...a record for me...hahahaa.....i can't wait to read them again in a few weeks once i get through the pile i have sitting here...since finishing those i have read four other books so the stack is slowly going down....yes it could be said i am addicted to reading at the as become a total release from reality for me so bring it on i say!!!!

so back to scrapping...there are a few exciting new changes taking place with the monthly challenge and the a way i am combining both to create a year long competion giving everyone more time to complete challenges with elements of choice as to how much you want to do......

so gone are the CC blog and the challenge blog for the new "live to scrap blog!" here
when this is up and running properly...later tonight! i will post six challenges each month on the are required to complete three of the is of course up to you how many you actually do but to be in the running for the major prize at the end of the year you need a total of 36 layouts for the year.......every person who completes their 3 layout's within the month they were posted will go into a draw for the monthly prize...those who run out of time can still complete the challenges they simply need to be all completed by the 31st of december 2009......there will be bonus prizes awarded through out the year with a major prize presented at the end of the year....what that is i am keeping to myself for now but believe me you WANT it!!!! hahahahaha.....

the six challenges will be similar to challenges i have posted in the monthly CC..things like a sketch, a title or song to use, product and colour challenges as well as themes of course.....i am sure you will love this comp and the added bonus of so much time to do it i think will make it even better for you.....because the january challenges are going up so late you will have until mid february to complete them to go in for the monthly prize draw.....ok so i will kick things off tonight with the first 6 challenges for the year...having already explained everything here i will simply post the challenges on the live to scrap blog for you so you can get started.... i hope you enjoy this new system and join me for a year full of scrappy fun!!!

i also need to know if any of the kids out there want the kids comp to continue...i am happy to offer it for them but i need to know who is interested?????


Kate said...

wow you are alive!! love the new twist you have taken with your challenges Jules, sounds awesome!!

Liz Weber said...

Oh great work with the new challenge blog Jules - just love your idea and take on it... Good Luck and I will keep checking in for sure.

Have fun with the Book Club - terrific idea - I have only read 3 books so far this year and I just love going to the library for more!