Saturday, January 17, 2009

book club

i have really been getting into reading again lately has been a wonderful distraction for me...i think thats the right way of putting it...anyway i am wondering if anyone out there is interested in starting up a bit of a book club with me???? i thought it might be a good way to reconnect and form friendships...anyway we would take it in turns to choose a book each month that we need to read then get together over a cuppa/coke and some munchies and have some girly time to chat about it or whatever else pops up...hahahah.....even if you aren't local you can still join in cause we can chat on msn and/or email with you... i also thought i would turn the old challenge blog into our book club's blog ( we need a groovy name please???) and post the books to read on it and some of our opinions each month to keep any out of towners or those who couldn't make it that month up to how about it??? what do you think????
you can either purchase the book each month or borrow it from the library or if a couple of us have copies we can share them around so that we have all read them.. you will have one book a month to read so plenty of time...i think ?????
I just thought it might be another fun way for us to have some girly time together and try something a little different???? so let me know what you think by either leaving a comment here or emailing me......... start to think about book titles and authors you'd like to read or even ones you have always wanted to read but haven't is a great chance to do just that!..


Nes said...

Oooh I am so up for this...I love reading, just haven't found a good book to read for ages. I want to read the Twilight series...might have to go and see if the library has it!!

I'm in!!!

sandy the husband lover said...

This is really spooky Jules i was thinking of doing the same thing but wasn't sure who would be up for it . That is realy spooky i was going to suggest it to you tomorrow. Oh yeah that would mean i'm in

jules said...

oh nes the twilight series is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogood..i loved them!!!!!!!!!

woohoo so glad you guys are both in!! i'm not nuts after all hahahahahahahaha

Kate said...

I have just started reading again too Jules, not sure if I have time for the whole book club thing, but I'm happy to pass on the names of the books I read and reviews if that will help!! Have fun, glad you have found such a good distraction xxx