Friday, January 30, 2009

we are back!!!!

we are back from our little holiday at crescent head and it was awesome...the trip had to be cut a little short but we had an amazing time!! we made the most of it for was so nice to have some family time under happy circumstances and just relax!! i have posted a heap of photos of each of the kids that will probably bore you all to death but i just had to will see them all scrapped very soon...i even collected shells..with the help of my HUBBY (shock!!!) who sat on the waters edge with me for ages going through the sand for these gorgeous tiny shells i wanted...gotta love him at the moment..hahaha.... which i am going to incorporate on a layout design i have sketched.....cant wait to get the photos printed off now!!
looks like the mojo is on it's way back....i also managed to fit in a bit of reading finishing off one that i was about a quarter of the way into and completely reading two others...woohoo three more completed!!!
ok i'll stop raving on now and chat to you all soon...the photos are in the posts below if you are wanting to check them out!


Kate said...

glad you had such a great time Jules! hope you have come home nice and relaxed xxx

Kat said...

Welcome back Jules! Glad you had a great time away. Love the photos of the kidlets!

Nes said...

Hey Lovey...great to have you back. Sounds and looks like you and your family had a wonderful time....Can't wait to see those LO's.