Sunday, July 11, 2010

someone special!

here are our entries for the someone special challenge.....first up we have a gorgeous layout from Maddison of herself with her mum and sister......i love the really pretty colours've made yet another beautiful all look like your having a great snuggle......well done!
this layout was created by chantelle of her mum.(me..LOL) and her grandma....i love that you took the time to do some fussy cutting honey and even gave the cuttlebug a go for your scollop thought this one through...way to go!! oh and yes we definately love you so! xxxx

last but definately not least is "my daddy and me" by ebony.....eb got a little creative this time....she used the cuttlebug to cut her scolloped edge..then fussy cut a bird, a deer and some flowers then mounted them on her circle...she used a rainbow sticker then to finish off she mounted her ribbon across her page......well done honey...i love that you came up with all the ideas yourself including fussy cutting....way to go cutie!!!
i will post the winner announcement in the sorry i am running behind with this one....i have been sick so haven't been able to get on the computer

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Cherie said...

The latest entries are awesome!

Keep up the good work Kids!