Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Crew

finally got to do their recycling challenge things this morning.....they had a lot of fun and here they are...... Ebony decorated an old pizza box i had saved from a scrap order and decided to use it for papers.....she attached a PP then as you can see used my flower stash!!! "note to self don't turn your back on your krissy flowers stash for even two seconds with eb around".....she had loads of fun as you can tell!!! LOL....very girly honey....just beautiful.... chantelle decorated a little box and transformed it into a treasure box...her journal tag in the middle has listed the sorts of things she wants to use the box for...she is already using it for some stickers.....beautiful the PP you bright and colourful....well done!!!

next up is ethan's photo box! he also used an old pizza box from a scrap order...he decorated it with PP, stickers for a title, a photo and then mounted some diecuts down near his photo....the photo doesn't show them up very well but they are there!!...totally awesome honey..very groovy glad you had a go...this will be great for your photos....(maybe you'll stay out of mine now!!!hehehehehe)
if you haven't done your recycling challenge yet kids then get still have time so get creating....all entries are due by 9pm tonight!!!


phatassphairy said...

pmsl at your diminished flower stock ..and the wish that your photos will be left alone ....hmmm wishful thinking ..i think ...

really good ideas ...i like the idea of a decorated pizza box ..i am sure i will steal that idea somewhere =)

very nice work guys ....keep up the great work.....(((and try and be nice to mum's stash)))

Cherie said...

They have done a fantastic job Jules!

Krissy's flowers look stunning on that pizza box :-)