Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More, more, more

When such awesome creative ideas like these are coming my way i just want MORE!!!!!!!!!!! check these amazing ideas out....... first up we have an entry from Jarrah...i just love this idea...i would never have thought of it in a million years!...Jarrah has turned a microwave popcorn box into a fabbo container for his beado creations.....he has cleverly used paint, paper scraps and punches shapes to decorate the box.....it is just terrific!!!
ebony has also come up with a very clever idea and covered an empty quick tin with gorgeous papers and flowers to create an M&M's tin that even her little 3yr old sis can't get into...hehehehe...i hear that is a big bonus!!! LOL..... i love that you used the M&M symbol from an empty packet to create your label...more recycling...really clever.....it is fantastic honey!
the ideas coming through so far are just amazing...keep them coming everyone!!!


Kate said...

love them all!!

phatassphairy said...

wow super clear ideas ...awesome stuff kids =)