Thursday, October 9, 2008


this school hols we have had a very busy time! it has been great!!! constant whinging from's a miracle!!!!!we started with eb"s birthday then a kids scrap class a few days later..
daddy had a day off so we went to stockton beach for some fun!!! the kids had a ball playing on the edge of the freezing cold waves...then
a sandcastles decorated with shells ........they really did have a great time before we had to bail because of the wind.....a great warm up to our chrissy holiday....can't wait!!!
our cousins came over from New Zealand this hols and we caught up a couple of times during their was the first time the kids had meet each other and they all got on like a house on fire!! it was great to see them!!!!.......this is just one of many photos i took but this one cracked me up...i was trying to get a group shot and silly me said" smile and says cheeky monkeys" ethie was a cheeky monkey!!!hahahaha...i guess you had to be there but it cracked us all up!!!

we have had a BBQ at sandy's with the wonderful chef Mark!! thanks guys we had a great time!!! then yesterday we had a scrap day with Sandy and kaytlin...the kids scrapped more than me...actually i didnt scrap!!!
this is eb's very buttony creation..( the 2nd of the day).......she had a great a little over her idea of putting the buttons on the flowers so kaytlin finished off the last couple for her.....then when she saw the girls stamp on their pages she had to add a flourish to did a great job honey...i am so proud of you everything including cutting and glueing a go yourself!!!you are becoming such a big girl for sure!!!
ethie came and went from the scrap table but managed to finish off one layout!!! and i love it of course..hahahahaha.....when those buttons came out he was in heaven...he loved sticking them down!! great job honey...i am glad you had such a good time....
now miss chantelle and miss kaytlin decided to scraplift a page from the current "scrapbook memories" mag.( page 77)..they did a great job and had a ball working it all out...even had to have the flourish the same as the page they were copying...all chantelle said was " won't aunty Kate be proud of me scraplifting from a magazine like a big girl""" i thought it was soooo cute i hope you are suitably impressed aunty Kate...hahahaha......
as the for rest of the hols...i am rewarding my big girl with a trip to the movies this afternoon as she has been amazing this hols helping mummy out heaps and being very supportive of her brother and sister and their training...then tommorrow is merv's 40th birthday so out for lunch at least....saturday i have a Kaszazz demo and then we are off to the drive in for the kids then thats it!!! yeah the hols are finished and life gets back to the routine stuff!!!

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Kate said...

wow Jues, you have had a very busy holidays!!! glad the kiddies are being so good!!
WELL Miss Chantelle, I am so proud of your scrap page, you are a star in the making, you funny little girl!! Love aunty kate