Wednesday, October 15, 2008

things to remember!

firstly don't forget my big sale this saturday from 8:30am...come on over and grab yourself some bargains.........Also this month's CC "what's old is new again" starts tommorrow afternoon so make sure you check out the various challenges at the cybercrop blog here over the have until midnight wednesday to complete as many as you come on get scrapping girls and have some fun with me!!!

i will have some very exciting news to post for you all on monday......just nutting out some final details keep an eye on this blog for what i am sure will be fun and exciting news for you all!!!!


Kate said...

OOH sounds exciting Jules! can't wait to hear your news!!

I am not going to be able to make it on saturday, can you pretty please put some pics on the blog?? or email me a list of what you have?? xxx

jules said...

okey dokey honey...i will put up some pics tommorrow afternoon....silly me volunteered to help with swimming lessons .....
hahahahah...should be interesting!!