Sunday, October 5, 2008

ebony's birthday with Loopy!!!

my gorgeous miss ebony turned 3 on the 27th of september...i can't believe she is 3 already!!! here is just a few of the tonne of photos that were taken on the day and at her party...she decided to have a PINK party and we had LOOPY the clown come over an entertain the turned out to be the best thing i have ever done for them.....she was fantastic and they all had a ball!!! here we have Ebony with her new baby Angel that we gave her for her birthday!! she is just beautiful and huge!!! everyone loves angel so she has turned out to be a great pressie!!!
the wonderful LOOPY...she was just fantastic...i think we will have to have her back again sometime....the kids loved her!!!
i thought at one stage the kids were going to chuckle themselves to death ...they were all cracking up at loopy so much it was great!!!
ethis even had a go at copying a few actions!!
then of course he had to try out a little bit of magic for himself using loopy's special feather wand and magic bag!!!
Loopy then made balloon animals for everyone starting with a butterfly for the birthday girl!!! we had swords, dogs, hearts, giraffes and all sorts of great balloons!!! then they played with huge bubbles and had an awesome treasure hunt with a TONNE of yummy lollies!!!
to finish the day off we tried to get a nice group shot with was that interesting but i think i like the fun ones anyway...they were all enjoying her so much and that is what counts!!!!
a BIG thanks to everyone who came and celebrated ebony's birthday with us and a HUGE thank you to Loopy for helping us make eb's day so special and loads of fun!!!


Krissy C said...

Awwwww Happy Birthday Ebony!!These photos are gorgeous Jules!Love the one of Ebony and her baby :) so cute!!

Krissy xx

Magical Balloon-dude Dale said...

Wow those are some happy kids