Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i am such a sook....this afternoon i saw the last couple of minutes of the 4.30 channel nine news...they showed this story of a young girl in america being choosen by her school as homecoming queen...and like the reporter said most people see that as a popularity contest.... well i hope so in this case because a gorgeous young girl with an amazing smile won homecoming queen ..oh and she happens to have the special qualites of down syndrome....she hasn't taken her crown off since she won...the look on her face when her name was read out was priceless....and YES i cried!!! like the big sook i am i cried to see such equality and acceptance in this big world of her mum said we really can do anything we put our minds too...wether it be something big or something small simple try and you will get there......she loves the limelight...she sounds like someone else i is planning to study acting after school...i hope she goes all the way!!!!!

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