Sunday, October 5, 2008

ethie's pirate party!!!

we all had an awesome time at ethie's pirate party for his 8th are just a few of the shots taken by Peta on the day!!! my gorgeous priate ethie...yeah i know pirates aren't suppose to be gorgeous but i am bias...hahahaha....i still think he is!!

and of course so was miss Chantelle!! i loved how she had to have the little beard like daddy for the day...we all had them in the end!!
life is just so hard isn't it?hahaha...ethie contemplating life over his birthday this shot!!
whoops he hit the bottom of the cake with the knife so had to kiss the girl next to him!! thankfully it was ebbie!! a smooch for buggen!! (ethie's name for eb)
there are about 7 different attempts by Peta to get a good group shot of all our little was IMPOSSIBLE!!! hahahaha...but they were all so cute......everyone seemed to have a great day...and whacking the pinata was fun even though we thought we were never going to get it to break!! glad Zac brought his big boy muscles with him....hahahaha.....

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Krissy C said...

More gorgeous photos to scrap!I love the one of Ethan and Ebony having a smooch it is precious!!

Krissy xx